You Can “Listen your way to perfect health”
Soul medicine: True “ORGAN –ized” Listening

By Eric Rolf

When you don't understand a foreign language it can not only sound strange and meaningless but also seem not valid in your world. Suppose the same were true with another kind of “far-in” language. Suppose what seem to be aches and pains and what are called symptoms and conditions or illnesses were actually a deeper part of you screaming to get your attention in a language you not only do not understand but which you never even knew existed.

Once something similar, minus aches and pains, was the case with the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Then, they found the famous Rosetta stone and with that key were able to unlock the meanings and obtain considerable new knowledge about how the ancient Egyptian culture functioned.

Soul Medicine, which includes The Body's Secret Code and The Inner Creative Language, is that Rosetta stone through which you can listen your way to perfect, dynamic health.

Now, let's imagine for a moment that all we have ever been taught about illness cause, creation and treatment was mostly mistaken or at best extremely and severely limited even though appearances would seem otherwise.

Basically, what we have been taught all of our lives, although some change is noticeable in recent years, is that we are victims of a variety of pain, illness and disease causing agents such as germs, viruses or other people, for example. A change in recent years has been the inclusion of what are considered psychosomatic causes such as stress and other emotional traumas. In 1970 the official medical community accepted that perhaps as much as 25% of illness might have psychosomatic causes. Today, that official number is more than 85%.

Now, let’s take an imaginative leap, not only outside our usual thinking box but also beyond the entire concept of illness and sick people. Let’s apply a communications framework.

In communications theory, one of the fundamental principles states that meaning and context are interrelated, that when we change context, meaning changes instantly and perhaps even totally. So, let’s change the context about our physical conditions from illness to creativity and communications. With a new context, we find that the old illness based content is instantly transformed in meaning, perception and in terms of how we might take action in its regard.

In his landmark 1945 book Man’s Search for Meaning, Dr. Viktor Frankel states that man’s basic search is for a meaning or purpose to his life. So, let’s begin there and accept that if we are searching for a meaning it, perhaps, indicates that each of us does in fact have a specific purpose if only in an abstract if not a physical sense. It might relate to the exploration of certain values and experiences, those areas that have always drawn us in some deeper way. We then are responsible for freely giving it form and structure. It suggests also that our life isn’t an accidental or random event. Both imply consciousness, creativity, and communications or personal participation.

Now, suppose all bodily conditions were in fact communications from a deeper part of us relating to how well we are or are not aligned with that personal purpose in different ways. Here we have a complete change of context. Now to call a communication an illness is to place us in an antagonistic posture and interferes with our understanding of it and the taking of appropriate action accordingly.

Said another way: life first speaks to us in whispers and when we don’t hear, understand or understand and don’t act in a personally appropriate manner, it speaks louder and louder until it shouts. That shout is what we call pain, illness or perhaps even an accident of some sort. However, once we listen, understand and take appropriate action there is no longer the need for shouting. This is when we notice that the condition is relieved or disappears completely, perhaps even instantly.

Our book “Soul Medicine, The Body’s Secret Code and The Inner Creative Language”
is that leap from illness, disease and being a victim to a dynamic, vital communications with life and with one’s life in particular. It goes beyond “who am I?” to “Who am I, today?” and “what is my life about today?”

First some brief personal background:
since childhood (about age 6) I have been devoting my life to exploring the roots of creativity, communications and the entire spectrum of human potential. All my education and work experience has followed that conscious purpose since 1942.

So, while not technically a healthcare professional, during the past 40 years we have also been closely identified with that area of activity as well as with personal potential and development. This has resulted from our creation of the Soul Medicine paradigm for understanding body symptoms as a creative language spoken by the subconscious.

As we often point out, “if there are two conditions that can be said to be the root cause of all so-called illness they would be a kind of “psycho-spiritual deafnes”(PSD) and “psycho-spiritual miserliness (PSM).” We have been teaching these insights and methods in Europe for the past 30 years. Recentely we moved back to the US and live in Scottsdale,Az.

Some of the discoveries and insights include such innovative concepts as:
--Life, actually it is the deepest, least conscious part of ourselves, speaks to each of us constantly, in whispers, about our life in the moment: and when we don’t listen and take appropriate action it eventually shouts via pain, illness or even an accident.
--What is most significant is not the illness or pattern of symptoms but the body location –which organs are involved? Which area of our life is seeking our attention.

--The symptoms, what causes the discomfort are best understood as the tone of voice or “how loud is the scream?”
--You actually have 15 rather than only 5 senses and through these you can locate the orginal or seed causal event.
--The seed event is one to which we responded with PSD or PSM and created a now dysfunctional viewpoint or belief.

These and many other similar concepts are included in our ground breaking book “Soul Medicine—The Heart of Healing.” This is a creativity and communications based paradigm. This book describes literally how you can listen your way to excellent health and vitality. It has been a best seller in Spain, Sweden and Italy and has been called “Europe’s greatest healing secret.”

It includes:
--The Body’s Secret Code, an organ by organ description of the life area or arena of activity that is seeking our attention through physical discomfort

--A description and exploration of our other 10 senses

--A creative framework for our Inner Creative Language so we can easily understand what our most inner self is saying.

--A variety of simple methods to enhance one’s ability to listen inwardly more effectively: The nutrients of the soul.


A medical doctor and therapist: “Since I discovered Soul Medicine, I consider it fundamental in treating my patients. I can personally give testimony in my own life of three seemingly miraculous healings, including one in which I was already walking on crutches and hip surgery seemed the only alternative. I consulted with Eric Rolf and haven't been bothered since. I walk and function perfectly. My patients love the method and are astounded with the results. A.G., Seville,

A Dutch Dentist: For many years I was extremely allergic to all types of shellfish. Shrimp, lobster, crab, etc would result in even going to the emergency clinic. With a brief Soul Medicine session of less than 20 minutes while seated with Eric in a restaurant on a beach in Brazil where we had just met, my allergy disappeared instantly and completely and forever. We celebrated it immediately eating a delicious lobster without the most minimal negative reaction. Now I share the Soul Medicine information with all my dental patients for faster healing and lasting dental health. D. P., Lake Como, Italy .

Head of Graduate University Training for Nurses: “For two years I had severe pain in my right knee and nothing seemed to help beside pain killers. In a one-day course, which Eric Rolf conducted for our graduate school nurses, he used me as an example to demonstrate the Soul Medicine method. He explored and found the instant causal event which had occurred many years before, allowed me to view it from another point of perception and in a few minutes it was gone. Eric knew it and said now move your legs. There was a loud cracking sound that was heard in the entire hall, but no pain. I then got up and walked around and everything was fine and still is. We now teach Soul Medicine as part of our graduate training. RR, Barcelona

You can contact Eric Rolf at:
telephone: 1 480 219 7238 cell: 1 520 921 0212

Author's Bio: 

Biography Eric Rolf

Eric Rolf, a western spiritually based teacher/counselor, is a modern renaissance man.

Born November 27, 1936 in New York City, since childhood he has dedicated his life to the exploration of the creative and communications processes from their inner sources. He is also well known for his natural self-healing and personal self realization activities with both individuals and groups of all types.

Eric Rolf is the creator and developer of¨
--Soul Medicine-- a revolutionary self-healing model.
--The Body’s Secret Code--a unique organ-by-organ communications relationship with our lives.
--The Inner Creative Language--the secrets of intuition and the 10 inner senses.
--The Nutrients of the Soul--an activities guide to inner empowerment.
--The Alma Paradigm (the soul medicine paradigm for living and self healing).
--The Eric Rolf Golden Silence Water remedies--18 highly energized, expanded awareness water concentrates.
--The Numerology of the Soul--an advanced numerological perspective for personal insight.
--Mineral Medicine--Using stones, minerals and crystals for self-healing.

He has also written a number of books including.
--Counting on Your Soul--the numerology of the soul.
--Soul Medicine--The Heart of Healing.
--NANOW ImaginAction how to do it quick, small, simple and complete
--Fruits from My Tree.
--Teachings: the path of flavor.
--Time/Life Quality.
--Eric Rolf Speaks about the Golden Silence water remedies (with J. Leon).

Eric Rolf teaches groups in seminars and workshops and attends to individual consultations in person and by telephone. A number of well known individuals and companies have benefited from contacts with him including: Exxon, Swedish Telephone, a wide range of advertising and media agencies, and artists Gilbert Williams, John Lenon, Yoko Ono, Paul Simon, and Carlos Santana. He also worked for NASA during the Apollo program and was nominated for a Genie Award for his accomplishments related with intuition. In addition to the US and Hawaii Eric Rolf has lived and worked in various countries in the Caribbean, South America, Scandinavia, England, Germany and France. Since 1981 Eric Rolf has lived and worked in Europe, primarily in Spain, Italy and Sweden. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Az. He continues to conduct courses in Europe and recently has begun re-initiating work contacts in the US .

He can be reached at:
tel 1 480 219 7238 cellular 1 520 921 0212