You taught me to think about the ramifications of my actions, before I do them. You have taught me so many things throughout my lifetime that the list would be too long. But more importantly than the things you taught me, was the way you made me feel. You made me feel loved, and it is that love that gave me my self-confidence. You have taught me to not only tell the truth, but to be honest with myself as well.

You have taught me stability by making sure that I had a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Through your nurturing ways I have learned that there are people in this world who care. I learned from you the importance of traditions, and how important it is to carry them on.

Everything that you taught me I will teach my children. Every lesson, every heartfelt story, and every place you took me to and shared its history will be carried on. You taught me that no one can ever take your pride away, only if you let them. On some days, pride is all you might have.

If your parents weren’t there, this is for you! By not being there, you have taught me to be self-sufficient. You have taught me that others care and others do love me. Your absence made me grow stronger. I have found faith in myself, like no other. Because you weren’t there God has had to watch over me more closely. I have learned and valued true friendships. Through your unavailability, I have had to learn what love is; I’ve made wrong choices, which I’ve learned from, instead of being guided through them. I have also found that I have many brothers and sisters in this world. During your absence, it has been a rough road; I’ve struggled with learning how to trust and to love someone, I’ve had to learn to love myself because you didn’t. What I’ve learned the most is that I can now thank you for not being there, as I have learned compassion.

No matter what cards you are dealt in this life. Just know that you are an important part of this world, your opinion matters. No one is perfect, many people act as if they are, and this is only a front for their imperfections. Love and life is real, take each moment and make it count. Make a memory for yourself and someone else. Teach others as you have learned. Sometimes a stranger can teach you more than any family member can, and vice versa. Be gentle, because the ones that weren’t there teaching you, were busy being taught by someone else. If they haven’t learned their lessons, they will have another opportunity in their next life.

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