Yep, it’s true, you can be an OSCAR winner – and no acting experience required!

When coaching, I coach my clients to have a winning mentality. I firmly believe that everyone has the power and resources within themselves to achieve whatever they want, but for some it can be difficult to realise it.

To adopt a winning mentality means to start letting go of any negative self belief and adopting a winning approach to life. People need to believe in themselves – their personal qualities, attributes and skills before they can expect themselves and others to see them as one of life’s winners.

It can often seem like an impossible task to ask someone to change their negative thinking about themselves. These negative thoughts have often built up over many years, based upon perceptions of experiences they have had where they felt they didn’t handle a situation as well as they could have or felt they didn’t do their best, which resulted in an undesired outcome.

In order to encourage a winning approach, it is vital to start off with an OSCAR mindset – One Small Change Achieves Results.

Of course, you always keep your eye on your big goal, but it’s the small steps you make along the way that bring you the big prize at the end – and that goal gets a little bit closer by believing in OSCAR.

With 2010 only a few weeks away, many of us think about New Year resolutions – lose weight, quit smoking, learn a new skill, take up running. All are great resolutions, but many give up within days (or hours!), as the goal seems so far away it will never be achieved. By breaking that goal down and adopting an OSCAR approach, it can be a heck of a lot easier.

For example, your goal is to lose weight – and you have a lot to lose. Where do you start? By using the OSCAR idea, you can start off by opting for fruit for dessert instead of a calorie laden pudding. Or climb the stairs up to the office, instead of taking the lift.

Making one small change to your routine breaks that loser mentality – “I can’t do it, I’ll never achieve this, it’s too hard” – and whilst the change is so small, it’s very easy to achieve – it takes you closer to your goal!

The thing about OSCAR is that it also encourages more change! It was so easy to take the stairs instead of the lift that you decide to cycle into work once a week or get off the bus a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way to work. Or that effortless switch to a healthier dessert has made you feel so much better, that you decide to increase your veggie intake too!

Change doesn’t have to be big to achieve your goals – you can be an OSCAR winner and still achieve your ambitions.

I look forward to seeing you on the centre stage of success!

Author's Bio: 

Julie Phillips is a life coach and meditation teacher and owns a UK based practice called Escape Lifestyle Solutions Limited. Her practice offers life coaching, meditation and relaxation therapy to women who are experiencing change in their lives.

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