Step One found you having a love affair with yourself.

Step Two was about writing your own affirmations to help you stay positive.

Step Three got you off the sofa and exercising your right to be fit and trim.

Step Four was all about taking the time to meditate and getting centered in your universe.

Step Five found you getting silly and feeling better for letting your hair way down.

Step Six: You know what it is. No, well then get quiet ask your Intuition.

Step Seven could be one of the most valuable steps around. Because it can (and will) impact your life, but it can make all the difference in your neighborhood, home state, country and if we think global – then you can help change the world.

Volunteer, my friends. Volunteer. Nothing makes you feel more alive then helping someone else feel that way, too.

Look at some of the things one can volunteer for…from working for peace, building homes, to planting gardens or reading to a child to teaching an adult to read their first book can make a change that is immeasurable. And it is sorely needed today. With life going by at a break-neck pace, taking the time to care for a complete stranger in a strange land or around the block can empower people and empowerment is contagious. Pass it on. My hope is that you will catch the volunteer fever.

Go to the internet and start looking around. There are so many organizations that deal with causes affecting women and children here and aboard that could use your help. Can you spare and hour or two a week? Could you TiVo Oprah and go out and help an elderly or sick neighbor? Could you baby-sit for a single mother so she could go out to the movies without feeling mounds of guilt? Could a few of you find a cause close to all your hearts and walk for a cure? You bet you can.

Do it today because tomorrow needs all of us.

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Certified Life and Career Coach, elizabeth cassidy, is the Founder of Branching Out Life Coaching, national blogger for skirt! and Vibrant Nation. Founder/Co-Creator of Coaches on the Edge who use wit and wisdom to inspire hundreds of people.
elizabeth helps her clients achieve their goals with support, motivation and chocolate when needed.
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