Step One found you having a love affair with yourself.

Step Two was about writing affirmations to help you stay positive.

Step Three got you off the sofa and exercising your right to be fit and trim.

Step Four was all about taking the time to meditate and getting centered in your universe.

Wonder what Step 5 can be about? I would like you to throw your own party. The theme? What’s a party nowadays without a theme? Let’s try Celebrate Me party! Throw it for 100 or just light a few candles and treat yourself to a lovely repast. Maybe dessert by candlelight. I can make that one. Make fun invitations and send them out to your family and friends who already know how fabulous you are! Tell them on the appointed date that they are invited to come and celebrate you. Feeling generous? How about telling everyone attending to bring a list of the 100 best things they have ever done in their lives? Okay, make that 10.

The world can be an unforgiving place to live in and some days the moods of our loved ones are more down than up. You have the power to lift your spirits and those around you and you don’t need fairy dust. It gets into my hair. Do something silly. One of my favorites is having everyone show up wearing a feather and rhinestone encrusted chapeau. Not your style? Well have everyone show up in any hat as long as it’s not a baseball cap (or football or basketball). Help people stretch beyond their everyday lives and watch them become the creative souls they have yet to discover.

And don’t forget to invite me. I can party with the best of them. I have had a little practice.

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Certified Life and Career Coach, elizabeth cassidy, is the Founder of Branching Out Life Coaching, national blogger for skirt! and Vibrant Nation. Founder/Co-Creator of Coaches on the Edge who use wit and wisdom to inspire hundreds of people.
elizabeth helps her clients achieve their goals with support, motivation and chocolate when needed.
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