Step One found you having a love affair with yourself.

Step Two was about writing your own affirmations to help you stay positive.

Step Three got you off the sofa and exercising your right to be fit and trim.

Step Four was all about taking the time to meditate and getting centered in your universe.

Step Five found you getting silly and feeling better for letting your hair way down.

Step Six is one of my favorite things and I have been using it for years now. And it does not shown age and will never wear out. You have it too. Yours might not be as well worn as mine, but we all have had it since the day we were born. No, it’s not the ability to dance or your father’s wide forehead. It is your intuition – your inner voice, the feeling that you just knew what was going to happen, the butterflies in the stomach, or the vision that seems to be telling you something – maybe it’s an answer to a question that has been keeping you up at night? We are all born with our intuition and yet it still brings up a lot of cynicism in the hearts of many. I think it just might be fear on your part. The fear of finding out how intuitive you really are. The fear of discovering that your intuition has been working for you for years. Only you were not listening. Were you?

Were you ever offered a job that you knew would suck the life out of you, but you went ahead and accepted the position anyway? My scars are almost healed and I can tolerate sunlight again. I was not listening to what was the right answer for me. My intuition was sending one SOS after another and I missed them all (well, I ignored them all). Sometimes when that happens it is the glorious wake up call to become the BFF to your intuition.

So how do we tab into our intuition? Think of your intuition as a muscle that needs to be exercised. The first thing to do is find a quiet place – a place where you won’t be disturbed for a little while. Ask your intuition a question that you need an answer to. Get focused but try not to force an answer. When you receive an answer it should feel right even if it is not the answer you thought you wanted to hear. Your intuition will tell you the truth – 100% of the time. When you force an answer or listen to your ego, you just might find yourself going down the wrong path. I know from wrong paths and wants to keep you all from going there. Start with small questions and the more you tap into your intuition the easier it will become to get the right answers. Just practice, practice and practice.

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