"Let's see... I've got a website I poured my heart and soul into. Although I make improvements to it all the time, and it's always in a state of "never done," I'm pleased with my creation...."

As time and labor consuming as website creating is, getting the darn thing up and functional is only the very beginning. The only reason to put a website up on the internet is, after all, to share yourself, your knowledge, your experience, and wares with the piece of the cyber world pie that is also interested in similar
concepts. So, how in the heck do you let others know you're there, and most importantly, that they'll benefit by visiting your website?

Delving into internet marketing "how to" material can be daunting. There's so much to do and precious few hours to do it. Some give up before they've hardly begun after becoming overwhelmed with the awesome responsibility they ultimately find out an internet business REALLY is.


HTML, forms, CGI, Java, search engines, mirror pages, submitting, meta tags, redirects, graphics, signature files, opportunities galore, blasters, content, contests, banners, buttons, pop-ups, ad bars, browsers, follow-ups, autoresponders, free stuff everywhere, classifieds, message boards, ezines, newsgroups, mailing lists, spam, spam-free, reciprocal links, this method, that program.... AHHHHH !!!!

No wonder some give up after only a few months! With so many marketing methods to choose from, you may think you have to do it all to be successful, and then end up so scattered and unfocused that you do none of them completely or well.


Based on the knowledge that you possess RIGHT NOW, this moment, ask yourself what aspects of website creating and sharing excite you the most. To start, make a list of 5 (you'll expand on this list later, after implementing and habitizing the first two or three).

Look at your list and number the choices in order of your own interest level. Which would you MOST like to learn more about and implement, before any others? That's your number 1.

Out of the four that are left, which one is next on your level of joy or interest? And so on.


Give yourself permission to build your solid internet business from the ground up, starting with the foundation, brick by brick. The taller the building, the stronger the foundation and structure need to be. Give yourself permission to take your time. Give up the "overnight riches or nothing" mentality. Your future total financial independence depends on it!


Whatever is number 1 on your list, begin to implement it. Search, read, learn all you can on that subject, then carry that idea through your entire website or daily/weekly internet activities. FOCUS. PERSIST. COMPLETE. PERFECT.

Now, through the above process, you suddenly notice, out of the blue, that your number one has naturally become an integral part of your website and the way you naturally do things. It's become a habit pattern within you AND your website! Congratulate yourself! Throw a party!

Then move onto choice number 2....

Search, read, learn, implement, FOCUS, PERSIST, COMPLETE, PERFECT... BOOM! HABIT! Party time!

Onto choice number 3.... You get the picture.

By now, what has your focused persistence and due diligence given you? Take a look at what's "happened;" Long before you originally envisioned upon embarking on this new project of projects, you became a PRO! You're making money, you're getting more confident and skillful with each passing month, which leads to even MORE increase. How about that?! It's time to quit your day job!

You continue the same process, always adding the next step to your list upon completion of the one before, keeping up with the ever changing internet in a focused, disciplined way, and... egads! Now you've become a MASTER!

There's always more to learn; newer, streamlined twists on the old, new software, ideas, innovative techniques to utilize and teach.... What level of Internet webMASTER will you attain? What are your hopes, wishes, and dreams, and how high is the sky? Only YOU can define your limits or lack of them.

Get started TODAY. You have the ability, and you deserve SUCCESS.

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