This article is the fourth in an article series about the movie, Zeitgeist, that is being played on google video at the moment. I’ve watched it several times in it’s entirety and delay writing this last article until after watching the last part one more time. I’ve embedded the entire video within my article entitled Law of Attraction: Zeitgeist—An Eye Opener on my blog.

The title, “Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain,” has me imagining the director or directors of this entire “stage play” with their arms crossed, nodding their heads in agreement, cigars lit, tapping their toes just waiting for the curtain to finally come to a close with the audience screaming for a refund of their “freedom” when they finally realize that the play that they were watching and participating in was scripted and illusory. They were sucked in by what they thought was real, and perpetuated a myth to their demise unbeknownst to them.

What I know about the Law of Attraction is now that we’ve been presented with a “behind the scenes” glimpse of the potential outcome of this “play,” those of us who are conscious enough, will wake up to our largest empowering resource that we have to cause a shift to happen, and actually dare to use it! This resource is our minds: the very entities that cause changes to happen on earth and are labeled as monumental, environmental, surreal and miraculous.

Many want to credit God entirely, and rightfully so as they know no force greater than what most would call God. However, what many people fail to realize is that we are connected to that entity and are inseparable. Our minds contribute to the very shaping of the Force. God wouldn’t exist if we didn’t believe a God exists. If every person on this planet (every person) believed that God didn’t exist, then there is no doubt that what most people know as God, would not actually be called as such. It probably would be a different name as man and its human condition (the ego) seek to identify and label something with a name or a title.

In this final part of the movie, I was pleased that the producer pushed for the concepts of self-empowerment and the strength that humans embody in the very real nature of our innate thinking capacities. It’s not a sin to think too much or ask too many questions as some people want to believe. It’s not a sin to question authority or look for answers to seemingly elusive and unclear presentations of “truth.” I applaud the efforts of this film maker for going against the grain of what “feels good” and presenting a different “feeling” around what’s taking place today. Even though people that I have shared this movie with have expressed their disdain for the religious parody and possibly perceived insensitivity to very sensitive subjects, he used an effective method of communication…appealing to the emotions of the viewers whether the emotions that are invoked feel good or not so good… thus leaving the viewer to form their own interpretations and begin to look for a solution.

I’ll write one more article that relates to this movie and what I hope to see happen as a result of these first three parts.

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