A good buddy of mine recently called me to tell me about Zurvita.

My friend called me up and said, "Man you gotta check out this business opportunity. It is going to be absolutely MONSTROUS!"

After some methodical research, I've arrived at the conclusion that Zurvita's business opportunity and wide array of services and products proves that Zurvita is definitely going to be a mover and shaker in the industry.

Now I must be clear, I am not at the present time a Zurvita distributor. I am, however, a full time MLM professional and industry mentor and coach who has analyzed over 250 of the top multi-level marketing companies and their corresponding compensation plans which gives me the ability to quickly determine which network marketing companies are solid and sound.

After my research, I feel good about giving Zurvita two thumbs up. In the case that you're still wondering, Zurvita is definitely not a scam.

However, If you are serious about being successful in network marketing, you will still need to invest time and energy to PROMOTE YOU & Your MLM business online.

Mark and Tracy Jarvis launched Zurvita in March, 2008. Zurvita is a direct sales company that offers high quality digital phone and wireless services and products through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular.

Zurvita also provides energy products such as gas and electric as well as credit repair, pre-paid legal services, healthcare savings programs, computer tech support, entertainment discounts, and even home warranty services.

When it comes to the compensation plan, Zurvita offers leadership bonuses, sales commissions and residual commissions as customers pay their monthly fees while using the company's products and services.

It has been forecasted that 43 million wireless phone consumers will be enrolling in NEW wireless phone programs and 112 million will be renewing their existing contracts or due for an upgrade in 2010. Plus, over one billion mobile phones are estimated to be sold inside of the next 3 years creating an unprecedented and truly unbelievable opportunity.

And let's not forget the money that can be made from selling gas and electric… Just imagine making money by providing gas andelectric; these are clearly services that people NEED, not just extras that people can do without.

Are you serious about building a successful Zurvita business? If so, there are a few serious hurdles that you must take into consideration.

Do you know that over 95% of people fail at network marketing?

The puzzle is that the majority of network marketers today are still trapped in the Stone Age and haven't learned how to properly leverage the power of the internet.

The vast majority of people are still using OUTDATED METHODS to build a business that requires modern day strategies.

You need to understand that with the technology available today, you can take advantage of simple systems that will pour a river of leads into your email inbox every day without fail on 100% auto-pilot without any HYPE.

If you are decided about developing a massively successful Zurvita business, then I would highly suggest that you get in contact with an online marketing coach who can provide you with ALL of the most current and cutting edge tools accessible right now…

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