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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the best place to send in general questions and comments about
Please use our feedback form located at

2) I'm having problems with my password and can't log in. What should I do?
First, be sure to add to your address book/whitelist/list of approved senders in your e-mail account to ensure that our system messages will get through.

Second, if you've forgotten your password, you can reset it at any time by going here. The system will then send you a one-time login. Please update your password immediately after logging in.

If you are still unable to log in, you can e-mail us at and we'll manually reset your password.

3) My old login for the discussion board no longer works. What should I do?
Please use our feedback form located at

4) I get an "Access Denied" message every time I try to log on to How can I fix this?
This error is most likely caused by your firewall settings. If your firewall/anti-spam/anti-virus software is set at its most stringent level, and set not to accept any cookies from sites, you will get an "Access Denied" message when attempting to log in to If you re-adjust your settings to accept cookies, you'll be able to log in.


1) I've submitted an article to Where can I find it?
Articles usually take 1-3 days to be approved or rejected, and the system does not send out a confirmation.

You can find your articles by logging in, going to the "Articles" tab and then "View My Articles." Here, you'll see a list of all pending articles and all published articles on your site.
Click on the article title to find it on the site.

2) How long does it take for articles to be approved, and how will know whether mine has been approved or not?

Articles are usually processed within 2-5 days of being submitted. The system sends out emails to the author: 1) to confirm that your submission has been received 2) To let you know if it has been published.

The system doesn't send out a notice if your article was rejected. Thus, if it's been several days and you haven't heard anything, and the article no longer appears in your "View My Articles" queue sorry!

3) How can I edit an article previously submitted to
Log in and go to the "Articles" tab, then choose "View My Articles." You'll see a complete list of all of the articles associated with your email address, with a link next to each to either "Edit" or "Delete."

Note: if you have an article on but don't see it when you log in and go to "View My Articles," it's likely it is associated with a different email address. Fill out our feedback form at for assistance.

4)Will my articles published on be automatically linked to my expert page?
You can link your article to your expert page by clicking the "Post article directly on my Expert Page" check box when editing/submitting the article.

5) I've selected a topic category and a topic in the drop-down menus, but when I try to submit the article, it gives me an error message and says I haven't selected a topic.
Be sure to press the "add" button next to the topic.

1) I submitted my link but can't find it on your website. Where can I find it?
Check the "websites" link under the relevant topic category at There may be multiple pages of links, so you may have to scroll through several pages to find your link.

2) I got an autoreply with my link listing it as "not approved?" Does this mean it has been rejected?
No, it doesn't. The "not approved" message is actually our system's way of indicating that your link has been submitted for approval but has yet to be reviewed.

3) I made a mistake on my link. How can I edit it?
Once a link has been approved, you can edit it at any time by logging in, going to the "Websites" tab, and clicking on "Edit your Entry." Note: This will only be available once the link has been approved. If your link show "not approved" status, this option won't show.

4) What is a reciprocal link? How do I make a reciprocal link to your website?
A reciprocal link simply means that you will place a link to on your website, and in return, your link will receive higher placement in our links directories. To find instructions on how to create a reciprocal link, click here.


1) I see a bunch of computer-code gobbledygook on my expert page and can't get rid of it.  What can I do?
This commonly happens when you cut-and-paste text from a website, into Word or a similar program, and into the expert page editor.  The programs "remember" the code and try to stick it in your expert page.
The best thing to do is to open Notepad, paste the text there, and save it as a plain text file (.txt).  Now, open the expert page editor.  Delete everything in the field giving you a a problem (press ctrl-a to select it all, then "delete" to delete it).  Then, paste in the plain text from Notepad.


2) Can I send messages to all of my contacts at once?
No. All messages must be sent one-to-one.

3) Looking at my expert page, I don't see the "Add to Your Experts Network" or "Contact the Expert" buttons that I see on other people's pages, even though I have all my networking options enabled. What's the problem?
Don't worry - these links will appear for any other expert viewing your page (and you can see them yourself if you log out). They just won't appear when you're logged in as yourself, as you have no need to contact yourself.

4) Can I be listed under multiple topics?
Sorry, currently the system limits experts to choosing one topic. However, you can use your expert page to promote all of the fields you work in.

5) How do I upload my photo to my expert page?
Step 1 - Login to -
Step 2 - Go to the "Edit My Expert Page" tab
Step 3 - In the first section, ("Full Name") look half-way down the page for the picture section. Press the "Browse" button to find the file on your computer, "Upload" to upload the photo, and be sure to press "Submit" when you're finished to update your page.

6) I'm unable to post text in one of the fields in the expert page editor.
This is a bug we've commonly seen crop up for Mac users using the Safari browser. We would suggest downloading Firefox (  It may also occur if your anti-virus program is set at too stringent a setting. 



1) I never got my 50 points for my expert page! How do I get those points now?
The new user point system launched on June 28th, and only actions that are performed after June 28th, 2009 can receive user points. Therefore, if you have an expert page you built months ago or articles from years back, there's no way to get fresh user points for these items.

2) How do I get points for "Bringing in a New Member"?
Click the "Invite a Friend" link to the left. Use our invite feature and enter the email addresses of those you'd like to invite. For each person who signs up, you'll get 20 user points.

3) I just submitted my article/website/event, but I didn't get my user points yet. When will these points show in my account?
Userpoints are given once a piece of content (articles, websites and events) has been published by an editor. Thus, content that is submitted but rejected (or, just content that hasn't been approved yet) will not result in user points being given.

4) How is the day/week calculated?
The system resets the count every day at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, and resets the weekly count every Monday. Thus, the count is not for the past 24 hours or past 7 days instead, it's based on fixed times and dates.


5) What is my featured website? How do I choose it?
On the "Most Active Users" page, each listing can show a featured website that the user has selected, driving traffic to the site of their choice. You can choose that website by clicking the "Edit Account Info" tab and filling the url in the "Favorite Website" section.