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What is the UPSC IAS exam pattern 2022?
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Anujjindal UPSC
Joined: Jul 6 2021
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What is the UPSC IAS exam pattern 2022?

Essentially, knowing the UPSC test pattern 2022 is critical to acing the UPSC exams. Everything you learn and prepare for during your IAS preparations must be calibrated to the IAS exam pattern in the end. That is how crucial the UPSC exam pattern topic is.

The UPSC test is divided into three levels in order to get to the real deal. The Prelims round, according to the test structure, is essentially an elimination round aimed to weed out the majority of unsuitable candidates.

Then comes the second phase, often known as the Mains round, which is the heart of the UPSC tests and the most critical step in the selection process.

Finally, the Personal interview round, which is designed to examine your personality and bureaucratic acumen, is the third level of the examination pattern.

IAS Exam Pattern for UPSC Prelims

The UPSC exam pattern 2022 Prelims stage comprises of two papers, both of which are administered on the same day. In both papers, the question type is objective, with one correct answer among several multiple options.

Assuming that the chart above provides you with enough information about the overall marks and time period of the two papers in the Prelims exams, there are a few things I'd like to point out:

1. Paper 1, often known as the GS paper, consists of 100 multiple-choice questions with negative marking. Every correct answer will get you 2 points, while each incorrect response will lose you 1/3rd of that, or.66 points. You will not receive or lose any marks if you opt to leave questions unanswered.

2. Paper 2, often known as the CSAT paper, consists of 80 questions, the majority of which have negative marking. Each correct answer is worth 2.5 points, whereas incorrectly answering a question with negative marking is worth 1/3rd of that, or.83 points. Certain questions designed to test your decision-making abilities will not penalise you if you answer them incorrectly. In addition, queries that are left unanswered will not earn or cost you any points.

IAS Exam Pattern for UPSC Mains

The UPSC Mains examination consists of nine papers that are administered over a period of 5-7 days.

If and only if you pass the UPSC Prelims tests, you will be eligible to take the UPSC Mains exam.

Only if you passed the prelims exam can you sit for the IAS Mains.This entails obtaining more than the declared cut-off marks in Paper 1 and a minimum of 33% in Paper 2 of the Prelims test.

Having said that it should be duly noted that, unlike the Prelims exam, the UPSC Mains exam consists of only Descriptive/subjective type questions of a total of 1750 marks, meaning you’d have to elaborately write your answers instead of choosing the right ones from among a host of choices.

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