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The Complete Collection of 101 Health, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition, Energy and Stress Reduction Secrets That Show You How To Positively Improve Your Health!


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From: David Riklan

President & Founder - &

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Marlboro, NJ 07746

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Health Seeker,


If you are serious about achieving great vibrant health, eating well, losing weight, reducing stress, sleeping better and just plain feeling better, then now is the time for you to make an investment that will guarantee a hugely beneficial return!

101 of the World's
Leading Health Experts have joined together to give you the most amazing, proven and simple ways to immediately improve your health -- starting today.


In order to ensure that you are absolutely in the best health, mentally and physically, I have bundled this book with a goldmine of health bonus gifts! That’s right, you’re going to get over $1,228.00 worth of bonus gifts for Free when you invest in just one copy of “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health” today.


Good health -- be it emotional, physical, or mental -- is something that everyone in the world should be thinking about. There are dangers to your health everywhere, but most people just don't know where to look to find out about them. And that's why I've teamed together with some of the best and brightest experts in the health arena to bring you 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health -- the only book you need to start improving your health today.

This incredibly useful guidebook, which comes packed with 101 of the most effective ways to improve your health, focuses on a total of nine expansive topic areas. It includes a wealth of important information on holistic remedies, natural cure-alls, hidden health dangers that you might not necessarily be aware of, methods to skyrocket your health through self-improvement techniques, and much, much more!


In 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health, you'll learn:


* How to adopt a proper fitness regimen that can help you balance your hormones, look and feel younger, improve your mental and physical functioning, and defeat specific diseases and conditions.

*The Secret to Weight Loss and Unlimited Energy.

* How to Use holistic healing methods -- such as naturopathy and herbal remedies -- to unlock your body's hidden abilities to destroy illness, train your brain to unleash higher intelligence, and achieve peak physical conditioning.
*The Root Cause of All Cancer.

*Startling Health Discoveries directly from experts and specialists, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Julian Whitaker and Dr. Joe Cilea.  

*The truth about physical and mental disorders and problems, and how to eliminate these problems, once and for all.

*Seven Simple Ways to Beat Depression and Take Control of Your Life.

*How to Properly use vitamins and nutritional supplements to help your body reach the pinnacle of good health -- and stay that way.

*Why and How to Use the Power of Gratitude to Improve your Health.

*Annihilate stress, the hidden danger to our minds and bodies. You can learn about a laundry list of stress-busting activities that can help you build a balanced, stress-free life.

*Find out about a better alternative to Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners.


PLUS countless other tips to improve your health.


This book features some of the best of the best -- medical and health experts whose only real goal in life is to show you ways to make yourself feel better, look better, and live longer.



In this book you’ll find 101 different authors with 101 different areas of expertise on improving your health. The authors come from every branch of the medical and healing professions – from family physicians to psychologists, nurses to nutritionists, osteopaths to optometrists.  We've included Dr. Joseph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Joe Cilea plus 95 other health professionals.

Learning from qualified health experts accomplishes two immediate goals:


1. It will save you years of research and study (and expense).

2. You will finally discover what works (and what doesn’t) so that, in this lifetime, you can experience the health, joy, vitality, and abundance you deserve.



This book is here to make you an energized and active consumer of health information. By bringing you articles on a hugely diverse list of topics from some of the top health experts in their respective fields, we hope you will be motivated to start to ask the right questions about your health. We want you to explore new healing methods, approaches or techniques and find out what works for you – because no one has more invested in your health than you do.

The type of health wisdom in "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health" is worth a fortune, but you can get it all today in a single complete volume (along with a package of enormous value of free bonus gifts) all for less than $15.


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"Finally! A one-of-a-kind book that covers all the essential aspects of a healthy body, mind, and spirit - in easy to read but information packed chapters. This is an outstanding collection of health advice that could change so many people's lives. Thank you!"


-- Amy Butler, co-owner of



"What I like about '101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health' is that it only costs $14.95 and is filled (416 pages) with "healthy" tips from 101 top leaders in different health professions. Each of the 101 tasty articles is bite-sized (3-5 pages) and perfect for hungry readers on a time and money diet!"

-- Philip D. Johncock, MA, MMs, Award-Winning Author (www.4Fundraising.Net) & Mediocre Cook (


We've created a book that can become your bridge to a better, healthier, happier life.

Here's how it works…

When you order this book, you'll be receiving a veritable treasure-trove of bonuses -- high-quality gifts from some of the most well-respected experts in the health industry -- absolutely free!

You simply invest in just one copy of my newest masterpiece called 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health (every author has been carefully selected and chosen by me and my team), and you get all of this for FREE:

Free Bonus #1

 ($129.00 Value)

How To Stop Work Stress From

Taking Over Your Personal Life

Recorded 1-Hour Program with Stress Management Expert Ronnie Nijmeh


In this information-packed recorded teleseminar, Stress Management Expert Ron Nijmeh will reveal:

  • 5 Simple Steps to a Fulfilling Workday

  • How to Eliminate Anxious Thoughts and Get the Rest You Deserve

  • An Overlooked Secret That Instantly Transforms Any Stressful Situation Into An Opportunity (This one alone is worth it's weight in gold!)

  • A Fool-Proof, Step-By-Step Action Plan To Manage Your Stress Immediately

    The recorded version of this program is available as an MP3 download.

    PLUS an additional eBook bonus from Ronnie!

Free Bonus #2

 ($12.00 Value)

The Hidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
By Shane Ellison




As a drug chemist for a leading pharmaceutical company, Shane made a startling discovery: Cholesterol lowering drugs do not prevent heart disease. In fact, they put you at great risk for declining health and even early death! This book serves as a bare-knuckled expose that anyone can use to avoid the dangers of America's best selling drugs while also learning how to prevent heart disease naturally.

The cholesterol-lowering drugs guide is available as a downloadable and printable PDF file.


Health Experts in the Book (A - B)

Alia Almoayed, G. Merrill Andrus, Raymond Augustyniak, Chuck Balzer, Anna Barbosa, Caroline Barringer, Annie Benefield-Lawrence, Michael Blate, Eileen Bodoh, Gwenn Bonnell, Benson Brown, Craig Burton, Amy Butler

Free Bonus #3

 ($129.00 Value)

Recorded 1-Hour Program on Emotional Freedom Techniques with Gary Craig, founder of EFT



EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a do-it-yourself energy balancing technique that has provided impressive relief for a wide variety of issues from emotional discomfort to serious physical diseases. Your energy meridians can easily be disrupted by daily stress or emotional trauma, and by performing this simple procedure, you can rebalance your meridians and allow your body to heal itself. Join Gary Craig, the Founder of EFT, for an introductory discussion about EFT, how it works, and how you can learn the basics for free. The recorded version of this program is available as an MP3 download.

Health  Experts in the Book (C - D)

Danielle Cardinal, Brad Case, Joseph Cilea, Leonard Coldwell, Dennis Collins, Frank Comstock, Carolyn Cooper, Gabriel Cousens, Gary Craig, Shayn Cutino, Noah De Koyer

Free Bonus #4

($129.00 Value)

"The Sedona Method - Powerful Releasing System" Recorded 1-Hour Program with Hale Dwoskin, President of Sedona Training Associates.


Learn how to easily tap your natural ability to let go of the uncomfortable feelings that cause you to do things that you later regret: overeating, smoking and all addictions, including excessive drinking. Discover this powerful personal improvement program, validated by Harvard Medical School studies and thousands of other successful graduates like you. The recorded version of this program is available as an MP3 download.

Health Experts in the Book (E - G)

Bruce Eichelberger, Shane Ellison, Courtney Findlay, Rose Forbes, Marie Galdi, Donna Ganza, Jef Gazley, Ray Gebauer, Kevin D. Geiger, P.J. Glassey, Jane G. Goldberg, Tom Goode, Tricia Greaves, Jacob Griscom

Free Bonus #5

($37.00 Value)

60 Days to Healthy Weight Loss

and Whole Body Cleansing

By Thomas Von Ohlen




We are including the 79 page e-book, "60 days to Healthy Weight Loss and Whole Body Cleansing." This book explains the "how's and why's" of cleansing and healthy weight loss, taking you step by step through the whole process.

Health Experts in the Book (H -J)

Randall J. Hammett, Shawna Hansen, Linda Hartmann, Gerard Hefferon, David Herron, James E. Hicks, Colleen Huber, Parthenia S. Izzard, Cheryl Jazzar, Rafael Jerman, Lisa Jobs, Philip Johncock, Ed Jones


Free Bonus #6

($129.00 Value)

How to choose the right nutrition program for you!

Recorded 1-Hour Program Tele-Seminar with Fitness Guru Scott Tousignant


In this teleseminar, Scott Tousignant will help you sort through the mass confusion as to which diet programs actually work and how you can find the right programs that suit your lifestyle.
The recorded version of this program is available as an MP3 download.

Health Experts in the Book (K - L)

Rick Kampen, Shoshanna Katzman, Michael J. Kaye, Carol (Coco) Klingsmith, Andy Kuecher, Susan Lark, Marcus Laux, Linda Mac Dougal


Free Bonus #7

($129.00 Value)

"Instant Inner Power -- Controlling Your State" 

Gaining control over one thing that has the greatest impact over what you do and how well you do it... your mood (state of mind).

Recorded 1-Hour Program with Mike Brescia, President and CEO, Think Right Now International

Using a powerful tool called 'Anchoring,' Mike Brescia will teach you how to quickly summon your most enabling emotional states any time you want. Mike will bring you to a state where you feel like are "in the zone," on fire... where you could do no wrong. The recorded version of this program is available as an MP3 download.

Health Experts in the Book (M)

Linda Mac Dougall, Laura Maciuika, Eric Madrid, Connie Maranca, Juliana Mazzeo, AmyLee, Medicine Woman, Joseph Mercola, Julie Merrick, Colleen Miller, Deborah Miller, Merlene Miller, Suzanna Monroe, Kyle D. Morgan, Susanne Morrone, Kathryn Morrow, Betsy B. Muller, Viana Muller

Free Bonus #8

($129.00 Value)

7 "Best Practices" For Fast, Fun, Effective Workouts

Recorded 1-Hour Program with Workout Expert
Charles Staley


In this insightful and educational teleseminar with workout guru Charles Staley, you'll learn 7 enormously valuable "Best Practices" that can make your workouts quick, easy, and incredibly effective.
The recorded version of this program is available as an MP3 download.

Health Experts in the Book (N-R)

Dorisse Neale, D. Andrew Neville, Ronnie Nijmeh, Jeff Niswonger, Dave Oreshack, Tammy Parkinson, Edward Paul, William Pawluk, Aaron Peters, Ellie Phillips, Dan Pompa, Jane Remington, Mary Jo Ruggieri


Free Bonus #9

($249.00 Value)

14 Day Self Improvement Boot Camp

 Developed by David Riklan, the Founder of and Creator of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life


Our 14 Day Self Improvement Boot Camp has been designed to provide you with tools to help you change your life in the next 14 days. The material is derived from thousands of hours of research (from hundreds of experts), which has been proven to work. It includes daily workbooks and audio downloads and can be completed in 14 days or spread out over time. Audio files are available as MP3 downloads.

Health Experts in the Book (S - Z)

Isabella Samovsky, MJ Sawyer, Katherine Scherer, Rene Schooler, Al Simon, Stephen Sinatra, Victoria Smith, Chris Smith, Paul Svacina, Allessandro Tamborrino, Carole Taylor, Scott Tousignant, Laura Turner, Carlos M. Viana, Thomas Von Ohlen, Julian Whitaker


Free Bonus #10

($129.00 Value)

Reduce your back pain in 30 days or less, without drugs or special treatment.

Recorded 1-Hour Program with Chiropractor and Pain Specialist, Dr. Joseph Cilea


How much longer can you suffer with that lower back pain? Whether you suffer from muscle aches, stiffness, sharp back pain, spinal stenosis, herniated disks, sciatica or just general aches or pains, Dr Joe Cilea will teach you the Best Back Pain Exercises, Stretches, Nutrition Tips and a Whole Lot More More. In this powerful one hour session, Dr. Cilea will show how to reduce your pain, increase your flexibility and improve your stamina.
The recorded version of this program is available as an MP3 download.


Free Bonus #11

($9.95 Value)

26 Killer Core/Abs Exercises

A Free E-Book Brought to You By David Riklan


Looking to develop a killer body? Want incredible abs that will be the envy of everyone you meet? Then just check out this incredible program -- provided by David Riklan -- and follow all 26 of the exercises that he has researched just for you! It's your path to a body that everyone will be jealous of!

NOTE: This program is only for PC-compatible systems.



Free Bonus #12

($9.95 Value)

Headache Happiness:

How to Get Rid of Your Headache Before It Starts

A Free E-Book By Liz Tomey


In this enlightening E-Book, Liz Tomey will show you 101 proven and effective tips to getting rid of headaches -- and preventing them before they actually start!



All of these bonus gifts have enormous value! 


Every single gift provided with this offer is designed to enhance your life and improve your health in remarkable ways!


I personally and carefully chose this offerings for you.


This package sprung from my desire to create a bonus offering for you that would make you go "WOW!"  and, possibly, even shock you. 


That was my goal, and when you take a look at this offering -- and remember, it's only $14.95 -- you have to know that it is very real.


So "real" in fact, that I'll stand behind every one of these health experts and give you my personal guarantee: I'm so certain you'll get 100 times the value returned to you for this small investment, that if you don't agree, you can send me the book back and I'll refund your investment without any questions -- guaranteed!


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"101 Ways to Improve Your Health" is packed with practical ideas that can be easily adapted to maintain and improve your health. This beautiful and complimentary book will bring alternative and conventional medicine closer together than ever before. Use this wonderful resource as a simple guide to gain immediate results for a healthier and happier life!

--Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh, Authors of "Gratitude Works: Open Your Heart to Love."




"An easy-to-read compendium of leading edge options for improving our health, and the health of our loved ones. The vast authorship represents a wide variety of fields that help us overcome problems, and promote a more enjoyable life. This will be in my library for years to come!"

-- Paul Svacina, P.E.



So, are you ready for 101 insightful ways to make yourself more healthy than you've ever dreamed? If so, then go for it. We've specifically tailored this offer for you -- we wanted to make it easy for you to see that you're getting thousands of dollars worth of health-improving information for less money than a one month gym membership!

Can you seriously say "no" to thousands of dollars worth of astonishing health breakthroughs for under $15? I didn't think so!

If you are serious about getting healthy and staying that way, now is the time.  I highly urge you to take advantage of this offer now, before it is gone.


And remember: I'm so confident that you'll love it that I'm backing it up with my own personal guarantee.


If you want to improve your health now, you'll get a jolt of inspiration that will propel you toward success with this offering.


It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!


(Note: Actually, it does get a little better. Check out the SPECIAL OFFER below and you’ll see what I mean).


Make an investment in yourself and your future right now!


You'll be elated that you did.


"Simply applying a handful of the Great Ways To Improve Your Health is enough to change your life.

If you invest the time and effort to apply all 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Health, you will be 'Unstoppable.'"

-- Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC,



(( 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee ))


101 Great Ways To Improve Your Health comes with a no-questions, no-quibble, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this book isn't right for you, just mail it back to us within the next 30 days, and I'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

In essence, we've taken a multi-year program and converted it into one single resource, and there is absolutely no risk. If you are not completely satisfied, I will give you all of your MONEY back.


Go and get yours right away and you’ll receive the clear instructions to access over $1,200 worth of value waiting for you.


Click Here to Order Your Copy Today


With great appreciation,

David Riklan
President and Founder


P.S. Think about it -- for less than $15, you'll have access to 101 of the best-kept health secrets on the planet! It's like having a group of nutrition experts, holistic healers, and physicians all in the room with you helping you to keep your body, mind, and spirit in top condition! And you're getting over a thousand dollars worth of bonus items delivered to you on a silver platter!

P.P.S. This is a Limited Time Offer. Act today and start improving your health.

If you are ready to start improving your health today, order your copy of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health!


This type of wisdom is worth a fortune, but you can get it all today in a single complete volume (along with a package of enormous value) for less than $15.


That's right -- less than $15!   Click Here to Order Your Copy Today

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