• You're in an "OK" relationship but you secretly long for more...
  • You keep going from one unsatisfying relationship to another and haven't been able to find the true "Mr. or Ms. Right"...
  • You and your partner argue and fight more than you'd like to, or just take each other for granted...
  • You've completely given up on the idea of finding true love...

"Anyone can create a close, loving relationship no matter what their past history or current situation... if you understand certain key principles and learn a few key skills."

Hi, my name is Gay Hendricks.  As the author (and co-author with my wife Kathlyn) of nine books on relationships, I'm often called to appear on television and radio programs as a relationship expert.  You may have seen us working with couples on "OPRAH" or discussing Hilary and Bill's marriage on CNN.  

Wherever we go, we're always asked how to solve the same fundamental relationship problems that everybody faces...whether you're married, single or divorced.

Wherever you are in your relationship journey, I have some exciting news for you...

Regardless of your past history or current status, you can create the relationship of your dreams.  I absolutely guarantee we can help you do it.

Don't worry if you're a bit skeptical.  That's a bold claim, and coming from most people, I probably wouldn't believe it either.  But I've got over 20,000 reasons to be confident about my claim that you can create the relationship of your dreams.  That's how many people we've helped do it.

If you're willing to invest a few moments of your time to find out if I'm for real, I promise you won't regret the time we spend together.

I'll tell you more about myself and my wife, Kathlyn (even though she has her Ph.D. our friends and readers call her Katie), in a minute, but first let me tell you how our new program called The Relationship Solution can literally change your life.

First of all, The Relationship Solution isn't just another book designed to teach you the differences between men and women. You probably figured out most of these differences years ago.

Besides, just knowing the differences between you and your (current or future) mate, even though it is interesting,  won't guarantee you a good relationship anyway.

You've probably learned that already, too.

But, let me ask you this...

  • How much did your parents teach you about building a loving, intimate relationship?
  • How much training or education in relationship building did youget in elementary, junior high, or high school?
  • How much did you learn in college or graduate school?
  • How about in adult education classes, seminars, etc.?

Chances are it ranges from "not much" to "none, zip, nada!"

That's one reason why so many people have problems finding, creating, and maintaining good solid relationships.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

My  wife, Katie, and I have created The Relationship Solution just for you. It's the result of nearly 25 years of highly successful work with tens of thousands of couples (and singles looking to find Mr./Ms. "Right").

Make no mistake.  The Relationship Solution is not just another self-help program full of empty promises and feel-good platitudes.  Rather, it's a comprehensive multi-part learning experience that reveals (for the first time ever) virtually everything you need to know to find, create, and maintain a truly meaningful relationship.

Consider it your basic, secondary, and graduate level education in relationships--a relationship Ph.D. if you will.

When you take advantage of The Relationship Solution...

You'll find out which of the deadliest relationship killing mistakes you're making, and how to avoid them
(everyone makes mistakes, but until you know what they are, you're bound to keep making the same ones)...

You'll discover what you need to find in an ideal partner to create the perfect relationship for you
(everybody's different, here's how to find someone with "the right differences")...

You'll finally understand why, when you say one thing, he or she hears something totally different
(and how to talk about, even the most difficult, subjects clearly and concisely without hurting each others feelings)...

You'll learn how to eliminate blame – a relationship cancer – from all aspects of your lives (blame and criticism suck the energy out of a relationship faster than anything)...

You'll discover how the simple act of taking 100% responsibility for your life's outcome can make a monumental difference in your relationship and level of day-to-day happiness (this alone, makes it much, much easier to change what you don't like in your relationship-- and your entire life)...

And that's just the beginning.  The Relationship Solution consists of more than just your relationship education, it also includes (in nearly every section) proven, step-by-step, "kitchen tested" exercises which help you master these critical life-changing concepts.


The Relationship Solution is actually two programs in one!

Program 1 is called The Love and Intimacy Solution. It's designed for couples, and is the one you should start with if you are currently in a relationship.  The tools and techniques contained in The Love and Intimacy Solution also work for singles, so we encourage singles to participate in it after they've completed The Singles Solution, below.

While you'll get the best results from The Relationship Solution and The Love and Intimacy Solution if both you and your partner participate, it's certainly not required.

We've seen some quite dramatic results obtained even when only one partner begins using the program.  Of course, once the "reluctant" partner sees these incredible results, he or she tends to come on board quite eagerly.

Program 2 is called The Singles Solution.  It's designed for people not currently in a relationship, but who want to find and create the kind of relationship most people merely dream about.

The Singles Solution includes some very powerful tools that help you focus on finding exactly what you want in a relationship and filter out the less desirable candidates.  

Of course, the extra tools in The Singles Solution work equally well with couples, so we encourage couples to take part in it after they've completed The Love and Intimacy Solution.

When we created The Relationship Solution, we decided to hold nothing back.  

Our goal was to pour everything we'd learned in nearly 25 years of working with tens of thousands of people into the program.

In fact, we were originally going to design it as a complete training system for relationship therapists and counselors because we've already done a lot of work with these professionals and they don't teach these powerful concepts in any schools or therapist's training programs.

But, one day, not long after our latest guest appearance on Oprah's show, we realized that nobody has ever made these powerful, yet easily mastered concepts available to regular, everyday people like you.

That's when we decided to change the way people learn about successful relationships.  And, The Relationship Solution is the vehicle we're going to use to do it.   

When you take advantage of The Relationship Solution, you'll feel more love, more creativity and more harmony in your close relationships than you've dreamed possible.   

It's one hundred percent guaranteed to work for you!

How can I offer such a "no-questions-asked" guarantee?

The answer is simple.  Katie and I have been helping people create miraculous breakthroughs in thousands of relationships for nearly 25 years. And in that time we've helped over twenty-five thousand couples.

When it comes to relationships, you name it, we've seen it-- and helped people improve it!

By the way, Katie and I aren't the kind of people who tell others what to do while our own relationship is a mess.  We've been using the exact same relationship tools and concepts in our own glorious marriage.  And, it's been nearly 25 years of pure magic.

Now, we want to help you experience the same kind of magical relationship in your life!

We have a wonderful home and family, an outstanding circle of friends and thousands of readers of the nine books we've written together.

It wasn't always that way, though.  In my twenties and early thirties I struggled in one relationship after another.   So did Katie.    

I felt like a total failure in relationships, especially when I compared my lack of success in love with my thriving career as a psychologist, professor and author of numerous books.

In fact, I'll bet Katie and I suffered from many of the same relationship problems and challenges that you suffer from today.

A Wake-Up Moment

Then, in 1979 I had a big wake-up moment after a painful break-up.   In a flash of insight I suddenly realized that every single relationship problem I'd ever had boiled down to several simple things I was doing wrong:

  • I didn't know how to make a real commitment.
  • I didn't know how to communicate honestly, especially about my feelings.
  • I didn't know how to solve problems without blaming myself or the other person.
  • I often replayed unconscious patterns from my early life (for example, I attracted women who were substance abusers and would try to "save" them from their self-destructive habits).

After I had this insight, I made a vow that I would eliminate all those destructive patterns in the next  relationship I got into.   Exactly a month after I made this vow, and just a few days short of my thirty-fifth birthday, my life took a magnificent turn for the better:   I met and fell in love with Katie.   Fortunately she was as interested as I was in creating a new kind of relationship.   

Together, we committed ourselves to creating a relationship in which:

  • Nobody blamed or criticized.
  • We communicated clearly to each other about all our feelings and what we wanted.
  • We shared responsibilities.
  • We made time for being close to each other and for our own individual creative activities.

Years Of Intense Learning And Research

The next couple of years were a rocket-ride of intense learning.   We discovered the Five Secrets we share with you in The Relationship Solution, and we invented the powerful relationship building tools we‚ll show you how to use in the program.

We weren't perfect by any means (and still aren't), so it took us the better part of three years to create the kind of relationship we'd originally envisioned.   Old habits die hard, and both of us have a stubborn streak that would get a grip on us now and then, causing us to dig in our heels for weeks at a time.   

What really helped was the set of tools we developed. As we learned to use them, they gave us the power over our old habits.   First, we were able to eliminate blame and criticism.   This in itself was remarkable, because both of us had grown up in extremely critical families.    

In the early years of our relationship, we considered it a cause for celebration if we could get through a whole day without blaming or criticizing each other.   Now, after nearly twenty-five years of knowing the Five Secrets and using the power-tools, it's been years since either one of us has said anything critical or blameful to the other.

Then, we gained the ability to communicate clearly, keep our promises to each other and open the flow of creative energy in both of us.  These tools are the same ones you‚ll learn in The Relationship Solution...   The tools that helped us bring the relationship of our dreams into living reality.

After showing several hundred couples and singles how to use the tools, we started teaching our techniques to other therapists.   Soon, it was commonplace for us to have thirty therapists packed into our office or living room.   One night, sitting in front of the fireplace on a chilly winter evening, we decided to write a book about everything we'd learned.   We felt that the concepts and tools we'd discovered were so important that they deserved a wider audience.   It took a year or so to write CONSCIOUS LOVING, and another year to see it published.   

A Life-Changing Call From Oprah

Then something really big happened:   Oprah called.   Someone on her staff had given her the book, and a few days later we flew to Chicago to tape her show.   Suddenly we were presenting the same life-changing tools to ten million people that we'd previously been sharing with thirty people in our living room.   Since that first Oprah show, we've been around the world over thirty times teaching people how to create lasting love.   

A Major Breakthrough

As I said, this is when we decided to create the ultimate educational program for building and maintaining loving, committed relationships.

But something was missing from our program...

We are absolute experts at teaching (and helping people master) our powerful techniques and strategies, but the real key to rapid personal growth comes from within.

We had been big advocates of daily meditation for years.   We meditated together every day, and found that even a short period of silent communion with the depths of ourselves brought us ever closer.

For years we experimented with different types of meditation, in hopes that we could find something we could recommend to the single people and the couples we worked with.

Then, our friend Jack Canfield (co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series), introduced us to Bill Harris.    

In addition to quickly becoming a close friend and confidant, Bill provided us the missing element...

Suddenly everything became possible.   Bill is the founder of Centerpointe Research Institute and creator of The Holosync Solution, a remarkable audio technology for  creating deep states of meditation at the push of a button.   

This is amazing because it generally takes years and years of practice using traditional meditation methods to achieve the same deep state even a beginning user enjoys with Holosync.

Bill has the same passion that we do in helping people enjoy more love and success in their lives, so in collaboration with Bill, we developed The Relationship Harmonizer, the breakthrough audio technology that's at the heart of The Relationship Solution.    

Now, with the inclusion of The Relationship Harmonizer, the Five Secrets of The Relationship Solution become much easier to learn and put to work in your life.  And the results come much, much faster.

Think of it as "relationship therapy at the push of a button."

In a saner world, we would all get training in elementary and high school in how to communicate, solve problems and create great relationships.   Most of us didn't get any training at all, though.   We had to learn about relationships "the hard way," kind of like learning to drive a car by crashing a bunch of times.

Now, all that's changed.    

Now, you don't have to spend another day of your life enduring conflicts or struggles or just plain loneliness.   With The Relationship Solution, you can have all the love you want and deserve.   We're very proud of the program. It's got everything you really need to know about relationships in it, along with the power-tools to bring the relationship of your dreams to life.

No one else is going to take charge of making you happy in a relationship. You've got to do it for yourself, and The Relationship Solution gives you
everything you need to create a genuine, loving, lasting relationship.

Look at everything you get when you take
advantage of The Relationship Solution...


This program contains three CD's crammed full of the most powerful, relationship building tools and techniques known to man.  Here's a small sample from the 20 tracks of important information...

What you really need to know about relationships in under 5 minutes...

The Five Foundation-Insights...

The Five Actions that create lasting love...

The Commitment Builder Tool...

The Emotions Clarifier...

The Blame Eliminator...

The Creative Identity Enhancer...

The Appreciation Spiral...


This program also contains three amazing CD's full of information that will change your life.  Remember, if you're already in a relationship, check out Program 2 after you've completed Program 1.  It will certainly add to your results.  Take a look at a few of the 18 valuable tracks in Program 2...

The Commitment Clarifier...

Introduction to Bodymind Harmonizing...

The Self-Acceptance Secret...

Experiencing Your Feelings...

Your Power to Create...

The Power of Unconscious Commitments...

The Clarity Process...

Absolute Yes's...

Absolute No's...

Opening to Possibilities...

BONUS ONE: The First Stage, A Detailed Guide...

This 56 page guide includes the written part of all the exercises and learning tools contained in this stage of the program.

BONUS TWO: The Relationship Harmonizer...

This is the key to making all the changes you want, quickly and easily.  The Relationship Harmonizer (with its use of Holosync technology) induces alpha level brainwaves which Harvard researcher, Dr. Herbert Benson called, the relaxation response.  

Listening to The Relationship Harmonizer with your partner for 15 minutes a day will create a deep rapport and connection.  If you're listening alone, it will help create an internal balance that will help you create the relationship you want.  Either way, the benefits are immense.

This single CD, alone, is probably worth the cost of the entire program.

BONUS THREE: The Conscious Heart DVD...

This two hour DVD features Katie and me teaching, by example, the seven most important relationship skills.  You'll learn some very special techniques and concepts dealing with the three biggest relationship "minefields"...


This video shows us teaching some of our most powerful, results-generating concepts to a small group of people in a very intimate setting.  It, alone is easily worth the cost of this entire multi-program set.

Wow.  I told you it was an incredible program!


And remember, The Relationship Solution is 100% guaranteed...  

If you wisely decide to participate (and I certainly can't imagine why you wouldn't), and for some reason decide that it's not right for you, just let us know anytime within 60 days of your purchase.  We'll immediately and cheerfully give you a return authorization and upon receiving it back, issue a complete refund to you (less shipping costs).

Now you probably think The Relationship Solution is going to cost you an arm and a leg.  And when you consider all the benefits, and how it will completely transform your life, it certainly is worth a "King's Ransom."

But Katie and I want to get this incredible program into as many people's hands as we possibly can.  So, we decided not to price it anywhere near what it's really worth to you.

Even though you'll learn the same vitally important relationship techniques we teach in our $500 workshops...

Even though you'll get your own personal copy of our most powerful relationship tools (easily worth another $500)...

And even though you'll get The Relationship Harmonizer with Holosync audio technology (worth another $159)...

To make these life-changing tools available to everyone, we've priced the course at a reasonable $249, but for a limited time only you can get The Relationship Solution, the workbook, The Relationship Harmonizer and The Conscious Heart DVD for only $159 (plus shipping and handling).

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

I understand that there will be a charge to my credit card to cover the shipping and handling. After that, I will receive my materials for The Relationship Solution. I will have a full 30 days to go through the audio cds, workbook, The Relationship Harmonizer and The Conscious Heart DVD. The program is just $159 and like I said, you don't pay a penny for the program until a full month has passed. If for any reason or for no reason at all I want to return the materials before the 30 days has passed, I can do so without penalty and without paying a dime.

I honestly believe you are going to love this program. So please, don't pass up this tremendous offer. You may never get an opportunity to have this program in your hands again.

Imagine how much more satisfying your relationship will be when you take advantage of our 25 years of experience.  Close your eyes and picture a life filled with warmth, love, and passion.

It's all available to you right now.

So click here to claim your personal copy of The Relationship Solution now!

With love,

Gay and Katie Hendricks, Ph.D.

PS. Remember, your credit card will not be charged for the product until 30 days have passed. It's simply my way of encouraging you to check out this amazing package.


©2005 The Hendricks Institute