Being dumped is an agonizing experience, but you must get over it if you want to continue your life without regret. Here's five questions you should ask yourself to make you understand your own worth and get over the break up.

When you’re trying to get over being dumped, everything seems to be teasing your will. If you listen to the radio, you hear songs that make you remember your happy and sad times together. If you read a novel, you can easily relate with the loneliest character. You go to a supermarket and your memory recalls the cracker your ex loves to nibble. For you to overcome these obstructions, we listed five have-you-ever questions that will guide you in putting a period to your pain.

Have you ever seen a poster of smileys with different facial expressions?

Expressive smileys actually tell us that in a galaxy of emotions, every star that stumbles upon us carries a feeling we haven’t felt before. Every moment evokes an emotion only that moment can do. When he looked at you, didn’t you get conscious? When she introduced you to her family, you were anxious. When the boy next door walked her home, didn’t jealousy stab you? And now that you’re infuriated or tormented because your ex dumped you, let the emotion flow freely through your veins. Accept human nature and be absorbed in pain. You never know when you’re going to feel hurt again.

Have you ever shared the same story plenty of times you got bored with it?

The only thing your friends can do in this situation is to listen. That is quite necessary as it lets you cry from one shoulder to another until you run out of tears. With their empathy, you can share your story over and over again until you yourself are too sick to bear with it. In one of Paulo Coelho’s booksellers, the author encouraged everyone to share their stories so that they will be replaced with more beautiful ones. That implies you’ll eventually wake up one day with a desire to share a different experience.

Have you ever hated someone so much it hurt you?

To get over being dumped faster, some people opine hatred is the best alternative and it’s true. However, keep in mind that hate is a negative feeling and therefore, has negative effects on you too. If he sends you a friendly email, how would it affect your mood at that hour? If you discover she’s dating someone else, would it not put you in a defensive mode? Hate is not the answer. It’s to accept the fact that you’ve already parted ways. It’s to learn how to forgive and forget the person.

Have you ever wondered how nations recovered from world wars 1 and 2?

It’s because time, with its own mysteries, promises a new beginning. That includes your bleeding heart. Some people are excellent in overcoming trials. For some, it takes years to be able to love again. But the only thing that matters is the Persian proverb, “This too shall pass.” If you’re not convinced, find inspiration in the cycle of nature. You see, spring comes after winter, a butterfly comes from a cocoon and sunrise comes after sunset. The list is too long to read. Just don’t get blinded.

Have you ever pondered what decisions are made for?

They are meant to determine whether you are a knight or a coward. If you decide to be weak, make your life miserable with your agony. If you decide to be strong, then believe in love again. But come to think of it, if you ask a child to choose between a bitter gourd and a potato, he or she would readily pick out the latter. Well, you are actually in the same boat. It’s just that you’re choosing between a cage and a pair of wings. Tell me, wouldn’t it be exciting to fly than to get stuck?

To get over being dumped is a challenge. When you’re taken for granted, you feel you don’t deserve any kind of affection. But in time, you would hear your mind and heart opposing to that big lie. When you’re done picking up the broken pieces, show everyone the confident smile of a wiser and stronger person. If you get an opportunity, thank your ex for making you a better person.

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