Everyone is out there writing content for their blogs in an attempt to get people to come to their site. But what can you do to get some help in driving traffic to your blog or website?

One answer is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is where you use certain keyword phrases in your title and in your article to help you get your blog ranked in the search engines.

Now this keyword stuff may all seem foreign to you, as it did to me when I first got started, but with a little explanation and practice you will be able to do use keywords to help you with your traffic.

First off lets explain exactly what a keyword is.Think of it like this. If you were searching for something in google what would you type in to start your search. For example if you were looking for some information on network marketing training then you might type in "network marketing training" into google or any other search engine. This is a keyword phrase.

So if you were writing an article about network marketing training and you wanted to get help from the search engines then you would want to use that keyword phrase throughout the article and in the title.

So can you just write some words and sprinkle your keyword phrase throughout the article and that will be enough? No that is not enough.

The first thing you need to do is to write quality original content with your keyword or keyword phrase. This means not copying and pasting another authors article onto your site. You want to create original quality content with the keywords you have chosen to target.

The search engines are very smart, well the programmers who run them are smart and they will be able to detect if you are using duplicate content on your site and you wil get penalized for it.

You will also get rewarded for having original quality content so make sure you stick with creating your own or having someone else write original content for you.

Once you have your keyword then the challenge will be to sprinkle it throughout the article in a way that makes it look like it belongs. The article must make sense. You cannot just plop your keyword at the end of a paragraph or something to get it in the article. You also do not want to have it appear to many times either. The trick is to get it just right. Usually between 2%-5% is typical. That means the keyword can be 2-5% of the total word count of the article

Now you could use it as a heading in your article that would be fine but the key here is for it all to make sense.

You will also want to make sure you use your keyword in the title of your article. For the keyword phrase " network marketing training" you might have a title like this: Network Marketing Training Tips for Beginners or something like that. This gets the keyword into the title and that is a big plus.

You can also put your keyword in what is called an "anchor text". This is a keyword that is also a hyperlink to a section on your site or another website. The keyword is clickable and it is considered by the search engines to be even better than not being clickable. For our example you would have "Network Marketing Training" link to another article on this site that has to do with network marketing training, That is an anchor text.

Finally you will want to make sure you include the keyword in your post tags and your keyword list in whatever seo program you are using for your blog or website. This will be another plus for you with the search engines.

I hope that was helpful

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