Do you have trouble communicating with your angels despite having read all the books and attended all the workshops? You’re not alone. However, if you’ve already learned techniques to establish a connection with your guides then the problem is not that you can’t communicate with your angels, it’s that you don’t discern what you are picking up.

Let me explain. You already know how to communicate with your angels. No one can actually teach you how to do this. All we can do is show you how to re-establish the communication that came naturally to you as a child. When you were young the people who raised you may not have understood how to encourage your sensitivity. I remember when I was young, if I felt something or felt myself flying out of my body (!) my parents told me that it was “just my imagination”. I began to distrust the spiritual sensitivity I had naturally, because the big people in my life told me it was wrong.

Luckily I was exposed to the Inner Peace Movement program at the age of 12, and quickly recaptured my connection with my angels and my own inner guidance. Some of you did not reconnect with your angels until you were well into adulthood. By that time, your mind chatter; your intellectual nature has probably developed doubts and distrust of your natural sensitivity. Now, you must release self-doubt and replace it with trust.

You are very sensitive. You naturally pick up feelings, impressions and thoughts from your environment. As long as you remain relaxed inside, you are tuned in to the messages of your angels. Your angels (or I prefer to call them my spiritual helpers) are sending you hundreds of impressions each day. You perceive their communication through your four spiritual gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling. These four gifts translate to your inner voice, your inner vision, your inner knowings and your inner feelings.

Do you rush around trying to get a lot of stuff done in a short space of time? Do you feel tense and stressed? If so, you will not be in tune with the impressions you are receiving from your helpers. Think of it like a radio station. If you want to listen to country music, you must tune your radio’s dial to the right frequency for the country music station. If you don’t tune the dial to just the right spot, you won’t hear the music, even though it is there in the airwaves.

Take the time to slow down and be relaxed. I know you are busy. I am too. But I can choose to complete my tasks in a relaxed, smooth manner, or I can choose to rush and feel scattered. Ultimately, if you slow down and relax a little more even whilst in the motion of completing your daily activities, you will be tuned in to your helpers. You do not have to be meditating to pick up your angels’ guidance. They are communicating with you 24 hours a day. The key is just to feel relaxed inside.

Take the time to discern what you are picking up. How many times do you wish you had a big shoe to kick yourself because you did not trust your first impression? The secret to improving your communication with your helpers is not learning how to do it. The secret is to discern what you are already picking up from your helpers throughout your day.

If a thought pops in your head, do you take the time to listen and acknowledge it? When you get a strong feeling to call someone, do you follow through? Or do you ignore these impressions and later regret it? The key to discernment is to listen and pay attention to all your inner communication. When you get a strong feeling, pay attention! When you see a vision for your future and what you would like to accomplish, acknowledge it and write it down in your journal. When you get a strong inner knowing of what is the right step to take in your business, take action on that right away!

Discernment is taking the time to listen and acknowledge all the impressions that are coming to you. Write them down, or make a mental note. Take a second to regroup within yourself what that impressions means to you. Don’t let it slip away!

This discernment of your impressions only needs to take a few seconds. When you do this you are actually listening to your angels. You are receiving their communication. All the answers you need lie within you. The answers and impressions you need are already present. Just take the time to discern and interpret what you are receiving. Be present and live in the moment. Acknowledge what is happening within you and around you.
Then, find a way to take action on the ideas, impressions and hunches that your angels are sending you every day. Create a plan and do it!

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