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Mastering the World of Selling: The Ultimate Training Resource from the Biggest Names in Sales

You can get your hands on the greatest and most powerful sales training resources, quite literally, on the face of the earth for only $19.95


PUBLISHER: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

From the Foreword by Jeffrey Gitomer, America’s #1 Sales Authority

"This book is all about WHAT IS WORKING NOW. It looks at business, sales, service, and personal development for the second decade of the 21st century. The messages offered are from experts in their field who have actually used these methods and strategies to build their own success. And your job is to adopt them, adapt them, and turn them into money."

Mastering the World of Selling is the Who’s Who of Sales Training!

Dear Fellow Business Owners, Managers and Sales Professionals,


One of our greatest challenges in today's economic climate or any economy is keeping our sales force, distributors, manufacturer's reps and partners focused on effectively selling our products and services consistently.


Many of us are faced with:


  • Sales reps that don't have the proper sales training to succeed.

  • Distributors that are pulled in many different directions and don't focus on our products.

  • A sales team, distributors, and partners that don't always appreciate what we provide for them.


Now you can provide them with the sales training tools, motivation, and direction they need to engage more prospects and close more business.


Our company is publishing a new book that is being described as the "The Ultimate Sales Training Resource."  It is designed to be the most complete guide to information about the world's top sales training experts, companies, and products available on the market.


You can now use this sales tool to keep your sales force focused on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


This book is quite simply The Best of the Best!  You will get the highest ranked sales training experts and companies in one resource. 


Each chapter exposes you to expert after expert and is organized in a way that gives you sales training tips, background, and product information from the top sales trainers, experts, and companies in the world. 



Here's a sample of some of the experts in 

Mastering the World of Selling

* Jeffrey Gitomer *
* Tom Hopkins * Zig Ziglar * Brian Tracy*

* Neil Rackham*

* Sandler Training * Dale Carnegie Training * 

* Richardson *

 * Miller Heiman * Franklin Covey *

 * Anthony Parinello *

* The Brooks Group * Acclivus  * 

* Terri Sjodin * Action Selling *

*  Stephan Schiffman *

* Knowledge Advantage * Keith Rosen *

* Prime Resource Group *

* Sales Performance Int'l *

* The Complex Sale * The TAS Group * ValueVision Associates * 

* Wilson Learning *

* Jill Konrath * Dave Kurlan *
* Selling Power *

Plus 70 more of the top experts and companies.

Here is a sampling of the programs and products discussed in this book:


 Little Red Book of Selling
 CustomerCentric Selling

Selling to VITO (Very Important Top Officers)

Spin Selling

How to Become a Rainmaker

Advance Selling Strategies

Powerbase Selling

Buying Facilitation Method

Hope is Not a Strategy

The New Strategic Selling

Endless Referrals

See You at the Top

Question Based Selling




Our company created this phenomenal resource to be a great tool for virtually anybody in sales, sales management, customer support, or sales training.


We are looking forward to helping you grow your business.



With great appreciation,


Eric Taylor

Chief Collaboration Officer

Co-Creator of "Mastering the World of Selling"


David Riklan

President and Founder

Co-Creator of "Mastering the World of Selling"





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