written by Pauline Derby, EFT-CC


It’s alright to FEEL anger. It’s perfectly NORMAL to feel hurt and upset or rejected, even betrayed. What’s NOT ALRIGHT is to allow your anger or sadness to devour you or leave you feeling dejected or devoid of power, energy, and spirit.

Some of us FEAR anger and DENY sadness. We smother our emotions, scared to feel too much. (If we felt them with all their magnitude, could they take us over?) In actuality, emotions can only hold the power that we assign to them! On their own, they are only words.

Concealing our true feelings can lead to self-destructive behaviors. I use to swallow my anger, sadness and disappointments with ice cream, cookies and cake. I always appeared pleasant and in control while privately shoveling food down, so unhappy. We all have our “drug of choice” to numb our feelings. I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings (growing up, was told “You have no reason to feel that way”, or “Children are seen and not heard”). “So what DO I do with those feelings that can’t be denied” I asked myself. I ate them.

Our other “drugs of choice” are drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or gambling to push down and, hopefully, numb kill those uncomfortable feelings. Unfortunately, negative feelings never die, they are buried alive within us, where they continue to DISEMPOWER us.

Continually harboring sadness and anger isolates us from those we love, and those who would love us. These emotions are our clue that things aren’t right inside. It’s a call to evaluate our lives to change our direction or perspective (IT’S NEVER TOO LATE), a clear message that we are not aligning with our SENSE OF PURPOSE.

One way to rid yourself from these very heavy emotions without “outside help” is to reclaim our own power, energy and spirit by learning and practicing Emotional Freedom Technique. It allows you to identify the situation, feel the most intense emotion, rate the severity from 0 –10, then tap on upper body acupressure points, thereby releasing these negative emotions that are stored and harbored in these energy lines (meridians). This is all about using your OWN POWER to release negative blockages in your energy system, WITHOUT talking about the problem or challenge at hand. This is a self-healing process which EMPOWERS YOU and reminds you of the SELF-CONTROL you truly have over your life. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime, (except while driving)!

The world is your mirror; know that what you PROJECT, YOU WILL RECEIVE BACK. If you are an angry person, you will attract other angry people to yourself. If you act sad and feel powerless, you attract the sad and powerless. Conversely, you feel cheerful, and lighthearted, the same will take notice. Like attracts like.

You have a choice to use your anger and sadness as a call to transform yourself by learning a life-long skill of tapping (EFT). Every time you use this skill, you gain confidence, strength, and the knowledge that you are beginning to rediscover and reveal the happy, peaceful person you were always meant to be. Be true to yourself as you “tap” into the unending source of power, energy and love which empowers, supports and connects us all!

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