We are learning more and more that playing cards, board games and crossword puzzles can delay the memory loss associated with Dementia. This is great news and adds value to having a Companion Caregiver. Some of my favorite clients are my “companion” cases.

Home Care isn’t just for those with physical limitations, we also serve a large number of clients that simply put-need a friend. Sounds so simple but human contact and stimulation can help bridge the gap between being lonely and being alone.

Companions usually visit the client a few hours a day, a few days a week. They assist the client with light housekeeping and duties that could be problematic, but most of their time is spent lingering over lunch, playing cards, working on puzzles, talking about current events and such.

Companion Caregivers also accompany our client’s to appointments and errands making a life line for those who don’t drive. Companion work involves more than playing games, but as we are learning, playing has some real value to it.

Another value to Companion Caregivers is that it opens the door of acceptance in the event the client should need more than a buddy. When clients have had a positive Companion situation, they are much more receptive to In- Home Care. At times the Companion Caregiver can transition with the client from a Companion status to more responsibilities in providing care.

So the good news is that In-Home Companions can make a world of difference to someone who needs a cup of coffee and a ride to the mall. The great news is that it sets the stage for years of independence and remaining in your own home.

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Shirley Kalisky is the owner of Bux-Mont Home Care, with offices in Lansdale Pennsylvania, serving Bucks and Montgomery counties. Shirley’s philosophy and approach to all aspects of In-Home Care is “if this was my mom, what would I want”.

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