written by Donna Marie Thompson, PhD.

Quote: “Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active.” Edith Hamilton

When the world around you appears dark and ominous, faith can be your beacon of light. We have no control whatsoever over the outside world and the random events that happen all around. We do have full control of our thoughts and our faith to help bring us around to find a way through. Seek the truth.

Faith is believing without seeing. What do you believe in? How has your faith changed over the years? If you are at a place where your faith is mature and you can have a personal conversation with God, your intended path will become clearer over time. You will be shown the way. In your heart, you will know the right course to take – in keeping with your faith and in aligning with your values. Obtaining refuge from your problems. Owning the truth. Loving your God. Finding your peace.

The action might not be obvious, and it might not be easy, but your inner guidance will tap your faith and light your way – in good times and in difficult times.

3-Step Call to Action

1. Explore your current relationship with God
2. Identify what aspects can be strengthened
3. Spend ten minutes each day for the the next week reconnecting with your faith in a new way.

Just Say No to The Status Quo™

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