Over the centuries, the necessary inventions have been made that have made our lives a lot easier. The car, the plane, the telephone or the computer. All things that are indispensable in our daily lives. And devices have also appeared in the home that takes care of our tedious and complicated tasks. Do the dishes or scrub the mountains that a whole family produces every day manually. You shouldn't think about it. A quick warm-up in the microwave or a smoothie from the blender. Nowadays it is all possible, but it is not that normal at all. Thanks to a few handsome minds, our life in and around the house is a lot more pleasant. Changes that we would not want to miss for the world.

Washing machine and dishwasher

Handy inventions that take a lot of work off your hands are the washing machine and the dishwasher. Washing machines have been established for some time, so many people will not remember what it must have been like to have to do all laundry by hand. The ease with which we now throw clothes in the washing machine would probably look very different without a machine that does all the work. The dishwasher has not been commonplace in the average household for very long. Only in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century did the electric dishwasher gradually reach Western European households. So, most people can still imagine life without. But who wants to live without it?

Clock radio

Who wakes up today without an alarm clock? Almost no one during the week. It's a small device, but it’s kind of keeps the world economy going. Without a clock radio, few people would arrive at work on time. Because there are not many roosters in the world. The first alarm clock is said to have been invented by the Greek philosopher Plato, some 2,400 years ago. The French inventor Antoine Redier applied for a patent for the first alarm clock in 1847 and around 1940 James F. Reynolds invented the clock radio.

Microwave and blender

In these modern times where time is money and also scarce, all tools for a little time saving are very welcome. The microwave does not always contribute to a much healthier life. But the food is ready sooner. In addition, warming up (healthy) food, drinks, baby food, popcorn or whatever is a blessing for many people. The blender has also opened many doors. Fast, clean and safe food, puree fruit or juices is now a piece of cake. These professionals know everything about the most useful household appliances.

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Thanks to our ancestors for their efforts to make us live better.