I am Melek Metatron. I am the Eye of God. In this eye you were able to see God. When I greet you this happens with the words OMAR TA SATT. There is still much energy of Melek Metatron in Sangitar's aspects. Once more this energy expands and you can feel how the energy is changing in the present moment, while Melek Metatron is bringing the messages.

It is the host of angels', Shan'Shija's, the Throne Angels' and Melek Metatron's deep need to bring Sangitar AN'ANASHA, for the preparations were very intensive. When Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, was in Sangitar's body, the physical aspect of Sangitar was not able to hold the energy anymore at one point. And thus Sangitar's body collapsed. But the exchange took place very gently and peacefully.

When Melek Metatron was in the body of Sangitar the deepest miracles happened and a love energy built up and expanded in the hearts of the human beings, in the souls. And as the energy was so high and so pure and the heart connection between the human beings so deep thousands of angels began to sing to the planetary grid. Thus let me tell you about the miracles that have happened.

There were so many healings, especially of the physical aspect of the human beings. When the Eye of God touched a human being it caused a chain reaction and all human beings received the same touch. Not only the physical healings that took place were extensive. Embedding the 19th aspect in you was also extensive. We are trying to find words that describe what it means, but there are no words for it in the duality. Imagine that in an aspect in the universe that you yourself are – all the divine love, the divine omnipotence, divine wisdom, divine language, divine peace, all the positive, loving and bearing experiences you have had in your many incarnations are embedded in this divine Omnipotence Aspect in the universe. A projection of it was created and embedded in your merkabah. This was a decision by the High Councillors for without this aspect the powerful dragon and unicorn energy could not develop freely. As the mood of the times is so clear, but we cannot name the exact time when the change will take place completely, for you have received the message that you are in the middle of it, we are making all the preparations. For you are the representatives on Earth. And thus embedding the 19th aspect was a very important process. The energy that connects, the divine energy in this aspect as projection of your Omnipotence Aspect in the universe with the dragon and unicorn energy, will make it possible for you, with divine experience, particularly in the Temple of Peace with SOL'A'VANA, when the time is right, to travel with your merkabah.

There were so many miracles at this Festival of the divine Reality. And thus it was not foreseeable that the second Holy Grail will be kindled. Many influences, components resulted in the high lights deciding to kindle this Holy Grail of Miracles. This Holy Grail was also kindled in you and in the present moment this energy connects in the entire merkabah, but specially in the Christ Aspect.

Miracles have happened on all levels, but particularly noticeable were the strength and the peace. And thus the Earth, Lady Gaia, has vibrated higher during the Festival and has transformed herself in many parts. And the veils that the consciousness of Lady Gaia still carries have become much thinner. Because of that the High Council has decided to open the gate 12:12. It is a gate that was erected for the whole planet. When Lady Gaia emits the perfect sound this is the gate where the love energy spreads over the entire planet. This gate vibrates in the highest energy and can carry the love energy of Lady Gaia in the now time, when the high point of the ascension takes place, across the entire planet immediately. And thus, when this happens, the gate of Lemuria will be opened. And when the love energy of Lady Gaia spreads over the entire planet the Lucifer energy will not have so much power.

With this Festival so much has changed and no matter whether we will celebrate the next Festival in the duality or already in the adaptaion phase, one thing is certain: After this Festival the energies will get stronger and more intensive at each Festival. We would love to say something about Sangitar, but she does not allow it. No proof is needed anyway, for you are the proof. When I look into your eyes – and I did this when I was in Sangitar's body – then I let you know, let you feel in all your cells: You are the proof. The divine human being with the highest expanded consciousness.

A big unification of the hearts has taken place and everything that has happened takes a little time in order to manifest in the duality. But you will never be as you were before the Festival for the 19th aspect is grace itself, a pure blessing for your continued development. And it is almost as if you, you with the high consciousness, had already arrived in the adaptation phase. It is an honor, and this honor is present on both sides.

So often have we transmitted the message to you that we need each single one of you, and perhaps through this Festival you have become aware that you are something very special. Of course, in the duality you are told you should not judge. We do not judge it beyond the veil. It is given, it is as it is. You are the oldest souls on Earth, the energy of the adaptation phase is transmitted to you. And when the high point of the ascension arrives you will be completely calm and full of joy. For even now all the energies in the Temple of Peace are intended for this adaptation phase. You have walked such a long path over so many epochs. What follows now, perhaps it may feel like a longer time to you, but it is only one breath and you are where you belong, in the divine Reality.

The dragon and unicorn energies will hold a significant place and many messages will follow about how you can work with this energy. You have always been filled with the yearning to work with dragons and unicorns, and this yearning is an attribute from the divine Reality. And it shows you that you have done this before. It is the same with magic. The wish to work magically, to be a magician, is an attribute from the divine Reality. It shows you that you have done it before. And whenever you feel yearning for something, for abilities, what you want to do is an attribute from the divine Reality. It shows you that you have done it before.

With the 19th aspect, with the Temple of Peace, with the expansion of your energy you will be able to cause much. There is no place for doubts anymore. The complete trust has imprinted itself deeply on your soul during the Festival of Love. When you feel the energy of doubt again in the duality you will feel immediately that your soul does not allow it anymore. You are in the divine Reality already too much. After this Festival it is important that you ground yourself on all levels and breathe SOL'A'VANA. I have expanded the priesthood, too, even if it was not mentioned, and let energies pour in with high light when I was in Sangitar's body. You will feel that you can change and bundle energies. You will feel the white priesthood more, the priesthood that belongs to golden, blue, red. Many memories of the highest divine omnipotence will become free through the 19th aspect.

What may be the most deeply significant message for you that Melek Metatron can transmit is that with this Festival Jesus, God's Son, has moved another bit closer to you and is preparing himself for the great appearance.

Melek Metatron has no words to express what all this means. I could transmit it with the sounds from the divine Reality. It was an honor for me to stand before you as Eye of God, and this love, it is so extensive and connects so much. And all human beings who were present have felt it. Such a big collective can cause so much and I say AN'ANASHA that you were there and have warmly welcomed me. I love you immeasurably.



Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after a long time of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.

In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published here and on the Kryonschool website.

The Kryon Festival is a biannual event taking place in Munich, Germany.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.