Motivational Marketing Weapon #1: Commit to Persevere

All of the motivational marketing weapons that I’m going to reveal to you are based on affirmations from my best-selling book, 365 Affirmations to Absolutely Guarantee a Record-Breaking Year. The first weapon comes from Affirmation #330, which is “I am persevering no matter what anyone else does around me.” Perseverance is defined as steady persistence in a course of action especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Basically no matter what happens, you don’t give up!

In the marketing realm, wouldn’t it be nice to deal with a business that persevered in its goal with you? Yes, to actually be there for you as a client and follow through. Unfortunately, that’s a rare trait for most businesses these days, but it should be an integral part of your business and who you are as a person.

When a potential customer comes to you for a product or service, you extend your hand to them with confidence knowing that you are there with them until the very end of your course of business even if they choose to do business with someone else. That’s right. Even if they don’t become your customer, you stand with integrity and make it clear to them that you are there for them.

Right now wherever you are, say this out loud, “I am persevering!” Say it out loud again and truly mean it, “I am persevering!”

I don’t care what anyone else is doing or who is giving you a strange look. It’s your life and your business so start taking action and stand out from the crowd. Let your customers know that you are different and you are ready to enter a long-term, persevering relationship with them.

Motivational Marketing Weapon #2: Be a Conqueror

The second motivational marketing weapon is to be a conqueror. Affirmation #283 states “I am conquering my fears to achieve my dreams.” My favorite definition of conqueror is “one that overcomes the enemy.” You are overcoming the enemy of fear in your life!

Let me interject here. There’s a reason that I continue to give you the definitions of key words in this book. Why? Because if you don’t know the meaning behind a particular motivational marketing weapon, then how could you possibly use it? It would be like a Navy SEAL trying to use a weapon that he has never seen before. He may be able to use it after a while, but not as efficiently and effectively with full confidence. Now, let’s talk about you becoming a conqueror!

Most people walk around with a defeated mindset. They don’t do daily affirmations or any other type of personal development that would enable them to walk with their head high, ready to take on the fear that is holding them back. I used to be one of those people. Stuttering caused me to bury my head in my chest and just hope not be acknowledged by anyone. Fear had stolen my life!

Now, I wake up every day knowing that I have conquered the fear of speaking. I no longer stutter, and I am one of the top international, motivational speakers in the world. What is it that you have to conquer? Make a decision right now that you will overcome and conquer it! The attitude of conquering is critical. If I didn’t change my attitude and mindset, I could have never defeated my fear of speaking.

From a marketing perspective, you must conquer the indecision about whether or not you’re going to be in business long-term or if your business is going to be successful. If you don’t believe in yourself and your business, then your client will have no reason to believe in you. There’s absolutely no way that you can build a business with such a defeatist mindset.

I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal, which basically stated that the problem in the United States is not the economy. It’s a trust issue that has created a crisis for our businesses. Trust in business comes from doing what you say that you are going to do for your customers on a consistent basis. Yes, it’s that easy. Just keep your promise and do the right thing!

I’m sure that the United States isn’t the only country with a trust issue among businesses and their customers. So, if you live outside of America, don’t think you are excluded. This is a worldwide issue that is killing our ability to build highly successful businesses and develop healthy, long-term relationships with our clients.

How do we overcome this trust issue? You must separate yourself and your business from the crowd by conquering the fear that is preventing you from exuding confidence to your potential clients and gaining their trust. Over-deliver for your clients and do the right thing. Be on time. Dress for success. Actively listen to what they want. Thank them for their business. Follow up. These are just the basics that will create a rock-solid foundation for your business and give your clients a reason to trust you.

Being a conqueror will radically change your life and business. You are no longer standing in the shadows, because you have faced your fears. People will take notice and will be eager to find out why your business is so different from the rest.

Motivational Marketing Weapon #3: Have a Strategic Plan

Affirmation #280 is “I am building a lifelong strategic plan of action to accomplish my mission.” Do you have a strategic plan in place every day to receive and achieve supernatural miraculous eyeball-popping, people-stopping, jaw-dropping, abundant overflow in your life? If you don’t have a plan, then how are you going to achieve your desired result?

We live in a society where people want a life of convenience. We’ve all been in need of something before and make the decision to grab it at the local convenience store even if we have to pay more. It’s convenient and gives us instant gratification. Similarly, if we live a life of convenience, then we will definitely pay more for success and the instant gratification will only feel good for a little while.

For example, let’s say that you want to lose weight. Instead of a healthy diet and exercise, you grab the latest, greatest diet pill on the market. You lose twenty pounds in two weeks and you love how you look.

However within a few weeks, the side effects of the pill start to kick in and you stop taking it. You gain all of the weight back plus more and you are continually sick at your stomach. The pill was convenient, but you paid more for that convenience by gaining weight and jeopardizing your health plus the instant gratification didn’t satisfy you long-term.

Just think if you would have chosen to implement a healthy strategic plan of action to lose the weight. You would have lost weight gradually and developed healthy habits that last a life-time. That’s a very clear cut example of having a strategic plan of action versus a quick fix solution.

How does this apply to your business? It’s the exact same. You must have a strategic plan of action for building a successful business. Your intentional daily preparation will help you to maintain consistent focus going forward and keep you from flip flopping from one thing to another looking for a quick fix.

Your plan will change over time as your business grows, but the first step is to implement a strategic plan of action, which includes the basic fundamentals that we discussed in the previous chapter – be on time, dress for success, etc. Remember, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes for success. Do it the right way now so you don’t pay more later!

Motivational Marketing Weapon #4: Develop a Learning Habit

The next motivational marketing weapon comes from Affirmation #51, “I am increasing my learning daily to achieve my Why now.” What is your learning habit? Are you constantly learning something new every day that moves you close towards the achievement of your Why?

One of my goals is to build the first billion dollar self-development company. That’s the reason I study multi-billion dollar companies and share the stories of companies like HSN, Disney, AOL, Dell, Starbucks, and Amazon with the members of the Closing and Marketing University. It’s incredibly important for me and my students to know how these businesses were built from the ground up.

Billion dollar industry leaders like Howard Schultz and Jeff Bezos aren’t named Fortune Magazine’s top CEOs, because they run mom-and-pop businesses. They paid the price and developed billion dollar strategies that have changed the world. That gets my attention and makes me eager to learn from their success and failures.

Learning is a motivational marketing weapon because most of the people around you are not learning. The stay stuck in the rut of doing what everyone else is doing despite the fact that everyone around them is failing. When you increase your learning, you go out into the world refreshed and eager to take on new challenges because you know that someone else has gone before you and done what you want to do. It removes the impossible, which is half the battle of building a business.

Start your learning habit by reading, listening to, or watching something that inspires you for only fifteen minutes a day. Why only fifteen minutes? Because it’s easy to develop a habit a little bit at a time. If you rush into it like most people, then you won’t get past day one. Commit to the fifteen minutes per day and then build upon that as you go. Before you know it, you will be chomping at the bit to learn more about the things that will take you to the next level in your life and business.

Author's Bio: 

In September 2001, John Di Lemme founded Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., a company known worldwide for its role in expanding the personal development industry. As President and CEO, John strives for excellence in every area of his business and believes that you must surround yourself with a like-minded team in order to stay on top of your game.

In addition to building a successful company, John has changed lives around the globe as an international motivational speaker that has spoken in over five hundred venues. Over the past thirteen years, he has shared the stage with the best of the best including Rich Devos, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown only to name a few. This is truly an amazing feat for someone that was clinically diagnosed as a stutterer at a very young age and told that he would never speak fluently.

John truly believes that everyone needs personal development to reach their full potential in life, and his determination to reach all forms of media with his motivational messages has catapulted his career. John has produced over four hundred fifty products and is an accomplished author of thirteen books including his best-selling book, “47 Secrets of Extreme Customer Service.” As a Strategic Business Coach and Small Business Expert, John’s students include doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, consultants, CEOs of million dollar companies, and various other occupations that are thriving in a so-called poor economy. John’s success with his students has made him one of the most highly sought after business coaches in the world.

John’s passion is to teach others how to live a champion life despite the label that society has placed on them. Through his books, audio/video materials, sold-out live seminars, numerous television interviews, intensive training boot camps, weekly tele-classes, Strategic Business Coaching, Closing & Marketing University, Millionaire Affirmation Academy, Small Business Motivational Marketing Daily Tip, and Lifestyle Freedom Club memberships, John has made success a reality for thousands worldwide.