It is now possible to get car insurance for a one month period in the UK rather than only having the option of a policy for a full year. Not all insurance companies offer monthly insurance policies, but many now do, so with the help of the internet you should have no problem finding a company that does. Temporary cover is useful for a number of reasons and there is enough of a demand for it to be popping up all over the internet. There are even companies that specialise in this type of temporary auto insurance cover.

Reasons to Use 1 Month Car Insurance

Perhaps you have friends or family coming in for a couple of weeks and they are going to need a vehicle to get around in. You can buy a temporary policy in order to get comprehensive coverage for the few weeks that you need it, without paying for any extra time that you do not need. This way your visitors will be able to use your vehicle without worrying, because they know they are properly covered. By getting car insurance that only lasts a month you can protect your no claims bonus. This is well worth your while because using it in this way can save you hundreds of pounds on your long term annual policy.

Finding one month car insurance should be an extremely fast process and setting it up and paying for it certainly is. If you have just purchased a new vehicle and need insurance on the spot, then this type of car insurance lends itself very well to this situation when you need a policy quickly. In this scenario a temporary policy of this sort will allow you to drive the vehicle home right away. You can then take your time researching and checking before you commit yourself to a good value long term cover.

Restrictions On Temporary Policies

Although this type of cover is normally very fast and easy to set up via your insurer’s website, this is sometimes made possible by having certain restrictions on the agreement. These are just things that make the approval and set up of the cover more straight forward and therefore faster. You will probably have to be at least twenty five years old in order to get 1 month car insurance. You will almost certainly need to have a clean driving record and have had your driving licence for a certain period of time. Another thing that this type of insurer will want is no or very few claims made on previous insurance. You may also find that you cannot have modifications on your vehicle.

Since not all companies carry this insurance, you may find that you will have to call around to different insurance companies to locate a company that deals in temporary policies. Another option you have for finding temporary insurance is to use the internet. It is an easy method of finding car insurance for a month. By using appropriate websites you can find recommendations and advertisements for many companies who specialise in this particular type of insurance. You will be able to apply for the cover there and then and have your policy in place within minutes.

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