Food is not our enemy. It is our friend.

The word “Diet” is our enemy.

Everyone wants to lose weight, get thin. First, change that thought process. That will surely be the result if you change your lifestyle.

The journey is certainly the reward. The rest will follow.

Think STRONG, not SLIM.

Let’s begin with lifestyle changes:-

1) Genetics and food.

Eat foods that suit your genes and place of living. Which you have been having from childhood.
That food is not your enemy but your best friend. Remaining cuisines you can eat occasionally but relish your traditional foods.

2)Food and Weather:-

Unless you are crazy for a “chickpea salad” during winter days which is okay, try to eat warm foods during winter and cooling foods during summer. That is what our body naturally craves! Do not try to fight nature. As an example:-Summers go for chickpea salads and winter go for chole masala/channa kootu. It will do wonders for your emotional health and your body will be accepting of it and digest faster.

3)Food combinations:-

Carbohydrates + protein + fat + fiber = makes a complete meal.

Rice is not our enemy. It digests fast but does not make it the main deal in the place. Never have rice without ghee which is the good fat, sambhar which contains dal as a protein and veggies. The glycemic index will fly out of the window and you will not gain weight

Same with Rotis- Never have it without ghee. (Gluten avoidance is a huge thing but there are many reasons for that as these days foods are so processed. That is a different area altogether)Anyways, Have wheat, Jowar, Bajra always with ghee!!

We should remember our traditional wisdom when it comes to food. Our elders are very wise.

4)Portion control:-

Eat until you are 90 percent full and eat with awareness. Do not talk or watch tv while eating.Concentrate.When you feel complete, STOP. Again, carbs should be the minimum deal on the plate.

5)Low carb/High carb:-

This is the real deal. Switch these two every day. However, NEVER avoid carbs.


It makes a huge difference in weight loss. I for one need milk in coffee. I, however, take SMALL cups of coffee with no sugar. In America, the cups are huge!!! Stop that. Also, do not get tempted often to stop in coffee shops.

7)Processed foods:-

Try to keep it to a minimum. Avoid sodas, diet sodas, and other carbonated drinks for some period.

8) Eat wholesome foods:-

Do not starve yourself. Eat home-cooked hot meals. If you are hungry in the afternoon, some Greek yogurt with granola, even our poha and upma of course with ghee works wonders.


Eat when you are hungry. Sometimes thirst could be thought of as hunger. Drink water and if you still feel hungry, eat. The last meal should preferably be around 6 to 6.30 max. If you are going to eat late, eat something wholesome by 4 to 5.


Have water first thing in the morning before anything. Then have a banana or some soaked nuts or dates. After that we have coffee. Else, your body will become acidic.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert life coach and motivational speaker and interested in giving the diet plans