Partying during a pandemic is quite a bit different, but it doesn’t have to be any less fun. You can throw a bachelor party before (or after) your wedding while still remaining safe. Granted, you may need to get a little innovative, but that’s what makes an unforgettable bash. Check out some fun ideas to celebrate your final days of bachelorhood.

Put on a Backyard Bash

The pandemic has changed the way we get together, not just because we need to be safe, but also because money is a critical consideration for many people. Fortunately, there’s no reason that you can’t get together with your boys in a safe, socially distanced way that won’t cost that much. All you need is a backyard, a grill, and a few fun party favors.
String up some lights in the backyard, buy some burgers and hot dogs, and curate a playlist of songs that the groom and all his guys will enjoy. The group can get together casually, keeping distance between them, and enjoy a laid-back but still fun-filled night.
To give the party an energetic disco-inspired edge, pick out party favors that will enhance the night. For example, buy a pair of 3D rainbow glasses and some light-up accessories for everyone attending. They can turn the backyard into your very own discotheque.

Plan a Fun Zoom Party

Virtual bachelor parties are understandably on the rise right now. That’s one way to throw a larger party without putting any of the guests at risk. As long as everyone has a stable Wi-Fi connection, everyone can join in, and there are no limits to what you can do. Everyone can be safe at home while still hanging out together. That’s a socially responsible bachelor party!

Bring on the Competition

Do the boys enjoy playing poker? No reason you can’t play some cards for your bachelor party. Look into online poker venues. The group can create a room or two, and you can set up a tournament or play for fun. Again, you just need a steady Wi-Fi connection. As for prizes, why not order some custom promotional products featuring the groom’s picture or a funny quote? You can choose almost anything, from matchboxes to coffee mugs to whiskey tumblers.

Hit Up a Local Brewery

Businesses are gradually reopening, many of them with safety protocols in place to keep guests healthy. If the bachelor party of your dreams entails a brewery tour or a wine tasting, don’t think that you’re out of luck. Get in touch with the local breweries and wineries in your area. Find out if there’s a way to host a small outdoor bachelor party safely. The guys can enjoy their beers and spend time with the groom in a low-key, open-air environment that’s safer than gathering in a confined indoor space.

Small Party, Big Bus

Are the guests in your bubble? If so, then you might consider renting a party bus. You can rent a bus that’s larger than what you actually need, which will give your guests room to spread out inside. A party bus allows you to have fun safely, not just because the boys are in your bubble, but also because no one’s responsible for driving everyone else while having fun. You can rely on the bus driver to get you home safely and you can spend the time laughing it up with the guys for the duration of the evening.

Play Online Games Together but Apart

A video game party sounds like a rollicking good time. If you and the guys have a video game that you enjoy playing together, then you can play from your individual homes. Pull up Facetime or Zoom, if you like, or you can simply talk to one another over your headsets. Set aside several hours to get together and fight some bad guys or take out an opposing team. Last man (or team) standing gets a special gift!

Rely on Your Phone

There are plenty of fun party games that you can play on your phone, too. Do a quick Google search to see what’s available or choose a game that everyone already knows how to play. Whether it’s a party game like Heads Up or a mobile game such as Among Us, you’ll have a great time together.

Practice Your Golf Game

Do you guys like to golf? Surprise the boys with some unique shoes for men, like a new pair of golf cleats emblazoned with the guest’s name, then hit the links. It’s easy to socially distance on the golf course, plus you’ll get to be outside, enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

Hit the Woods

What better way to spend your bachelor weekend than camping with the boys? Camping is its own form of social distancing, especially if you’re going with guys that you see often anyway. Spending time with people who are in your safety bubble is typically low-risk, especially when you’re out in the woods. Just picture a relaxing getaway spent around the fire, sharing stories and making memories. This is also something that could take place after the wedding, just so you can hang out with your friends.

Wild Out Karaoke Style

It’s your bachelor party! Why not sing your heart out the entire night? A karaoke party can take place in person or over Zoom, as long as everyone has access to music. When you send out the invitations for your bachelor party, make a note telling the guests to choose their favorite songs. Somebody better be recording the performances, too!
Are you excited about your bachelor party? Let us know if you’ll be partying from home or opting for a safe, socially distanced celebration at a brewery or another event.

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