Electronic medical record or EMR is the electronic form of medical records kept in secure servers to retrieve and utilize the medical data and information of the patients for their and administration's betterment. They are of fundamental importance in the medical field, and one cannot even imagine the current medical field without electronic medical records. Not only do they save money but also reduce the time taken to access a file. There are several benefits of electronic medical records, but here are ten of the most important listed below: -

1- Better Quality of Care

A better quality of care can be delivered with the help of electronic medical records. It becomes extremely easier to know the exact problem and ailments of the patients. Thus it isn't required to go for another round of medical tests. Hence proper care is delivered sophistically.

2- More Accurate Patient Information

Sometimes, spelling errors in medicine or name occur on paper records, which can lead to rejection in claims of insurance and, more dangerously, inflict damages to the patients. Electronic medical records have solved this problem. 

3- Interoperability

The other suitable authorities can easily access the medical data with proper security verification. Hence, this type of Interoperability helps the different specialists work with the same patient more effectively and reduces the communication gap.

4- Increased Efficiency

The efficiency in treatment is also improved when the earlier medical records of the patients are known. Now, any patient's medical record can be accessed in a very short period without going anywhere. And with the help of electronic medical records, it has become a cakewalk.

5- Increases in Revenue

Earlier, the medical administration kept large masses of paper to keep the medical records and hired staff to look after them. Paper records were also prone to fire and forgery, which was also a huge concern. Thus a huge chunk of revenue was forfeited under it. But with the inception of electronic medical records, the revenue has improved a lot.

6- Scalability

As the number of medical activities increases, the scalability of the medical administration can also improve with the help of electronic medical records. They are easier to implement and maintain than the conventional methods.

7- Accessibility

The medical records are very easy to access and utilize with valid identification numbers online. This feature of accessibility helps the medical professionals to access the patient's records even if they are not in the hospital.

8- Customization

Medical science is an ever-evolving and dynamic field, and new developments are seen every day. Hence customization is very necessary, and this feature is available with electronic medical records.

9- Security

No one can access and use electronic medical records without proper authority and key. This helps to secure the data of the patients. HIPAA law is also pre-implemented in it. A proper chain of command and hierarchy is maintained. This helps to analyze any fallacy if occurred anyway retrospectively.

10- Support

With electronic medical records, the providing company provides 24×7 support services so that any fallacy or inaccuracy noted is immediately resolved because medicine is the industry where no mistake is permitted.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr Santosh Guptha, CEO – MEDESUN is a dynamic leader in Healthcare Information Management, an expert in the field of coding analysis, EM auditing, and ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-AM Coding with a career span of more than a decade. He was instrumental in developing various ICD-10 coding tools, guides and has authored various ICD-10 training programs, blockchain technology in healthcare etc. Dr.Santosh Guptha has extensive knowledge in all areas of HIPAA, privacy and security, and the application of HIPAA requirements in physician’s offices and facilities settings.