In desktop management, the DaaS (Desktop as a Service) has made massive strides in becoming a more accepted and popular strategy over the last few years. A series of newly released reports reveal how technology has etched its place and score at least 25 percent year over year, and the percentage gets rapidly growing up with no stop. The primary reason behind this is varied based on the business taking off on the transformation.

Using Desktop as a service (DaaS) hosting can help the users move quickly because of the simplicity of the data access. There is no requirement for any deep knowledge of the underlying information. Location and data structure requirements can be specifically altered to meet the employee's needs in the company. So below are some efficient benefits found across geographies and industries. There are ten benefits narrowed down, which are as follows:

Top 10 benefits of (DaaS) Desktop as a service for CPAs:

Improvised accessibility: When DaaS (Desktop as a service) is used as the desktop management strategy for a business purpose, employees soon learn about its accessibility. Accessible from any device linked to an internet connection is the main reason why the Daas stand out from others. Regardless of any operating system or device such as iOS, Android, tablet, phone, laptop, Desktop, etc., the employee has easy access to their Desktop.

Increased productiveness:
It helps in increasing the benefit of employees by improving the potential to access their work product. The business that uses the DaaS perceive ability and productiveness to reach their goals progressively on time. With an adequate internet connection and a suitable device that connects well with that connection, the employee can access their work product regardless of any location.
So it is convenient for the employees to log in from their home, or while traveling in train, or from their office, which makes the workflow smoother with their coworkers without false interruption.

Reduced operating costs:
Many market campaigns attract a various range of updated technologies because of the lower operating costs. But when it comes to using Daas, cost savings are not just a word, but it has proven cost-effective and saved business expenses in reality.

The technology achieves this by minimizing the rent, CapEx, and services for businesses that use the technology. Companies that utilize Daas can efficiently execute BYOD strategies, permitting them to use the technology of their preference and eliminate the line item from a business's budget. Since DaaS operate via cloud technologies, companies can save utilities and rent expenses as they no longer require the server closet to house corporate information.

Greater swiftness and receptivity:
When employees are not occupied with a desktop or laptop, they are far better prepared to respond quickly to customer demands and customer requests—amplifying the overall corporate swiftness and receptivity to the fast-growing business environment.

Upgraded security:
Companies choose to operate strict desktop management strategies to keep with malicious sources and cyber hackers. These desktop management strategies help manage complete control over an employee's Desktop and access to their information.
DaaS can assist companies in resolving this challenge by eliminating the burden of keeping an eye on cyber attacks. Providers expend a lot of money and time in choosing well-qualified and optimized cybersecurity experts. After all, they are concerned about their companies reputation and yours as well.

Extended lifetime value:
The standard lifetime value of a tech device and physical computer is three years, with an average expense to manage that device of almost $600. But how would that expenses alter if the device lasted for an extended period than the predicted three years? But with the DaaS, it can be possible since the depreciation on the physical devices is minimized, and the processing requirements are present on the DaaS provider's server. Because of this ability, the physical Desktop or laptop's hardware will last longer, giving you a lifetime of extended years of service before you need the unit's replacement.

Minimized maintenance:
On the assumption, the installation of a Hosted virtual desktop is very maintenance-heavy. Parts fail to operate and regularly need to be replaced. Imprecise database settings may give rise to multiple issues for employees pressured to access their workstation. IT staff monitor the complete data center regularly to attack any problems that may arise attentively. They never fail to devote their hectic part of their day to ensure that these critical systems remain available and active for employees to get their work done. But by migrating the VDI installation to a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) cloud solution, you eliminate most of that maintenance from your IT staff to the Desktop as a Service provider.

Improved business flow:
Anyone who assumes confidently that no artificial or natural consequences would imbalance their business system is unfortunately wrong. But with the excellent accuracy in strategies that you execute in your business can improvise the chances, and it will not take down your business systems. It means you will not probably end up losing any of the data, profit, and productivity.

Geo-redundancy is one such technique and is formed with a DaaS solution. In simple words, geo-redundancy is the duplication of data and physical servers among different geographies. So, suppose one location is affected with natural consequences or by a power loss. In that case, a secondary area is accessible to manage the load and ensure that your company does not experience interruption.

Excellent budget predictability:
It's a challenging task to predict the monthly technology expenses accurately. The typical billing consists of the bill used for every minute, which means you could expect to get a significant bill if you forget to log out. Along with the company tradition of charging for extra features, maintaining workspace expenses can be undoubtedly frustrating.

But if you are looking forward to providers that supply 'flat rate' pricing, you can get rid of those unpredictable fluctuating bills, offering you the potential to predict and plan accordingly for desktop technology requirements and spend efficiently

Facilitates long-term:
It facilitates future-proofing, and if it falls last on the benefit's list, that doesn't count as the least and given the minimal importance. It's quite the opposite. With pride, we would say it is the most significant benefit and not considered essential to speak about. Indeed cloud technologies offer any new upgrades in the software to the user.

There is no massive, costly equipment to add or any additional expenses to your monthly bill to pay for the new utilities as the technology gets updated and developed. New features are added, which you will receive automatically. So no matter how the technology gets updated, you will have quick access to the current modern technology the business world has to offer for you.


The ten practical benefits of Desktop as a service (DaaS) discussed above are very efficient. Nowadays, the business world is not less than a competitive space, and meeting customer's expectations are highly challenging as they keep changing rapidly. Still, utilization of DaaS would help the business mark the top place in the market and meet the customer's expectations which will further follow to keep up with the loyalty with them.

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Bhavleen is a writer at Ace Cloud Hosting – a leading virtual desktop hosting provider, with several years of experience in the cloud industry. She loves to research various technologies and has a firm grasp on topics like Accounting, ERP, VDI, and HIPAA.