When done right, the impact of content marketing can be stunning. Here is a list of the best content hubs 2018.

Land Rover:

Land Rover created some wonderful outdoor creative content for their travelogues section that involved rugged landscapes and beautiful snaps of nature. The content was featured on SM in the form of a story of a trip with elements like a 360-degree view. The impact was tremendous and got the ad great traction on all its social media accounts.


Sephora took the unique path of letting their consumers do the content bit with the content hub comprising of the company’s loyal customers sharing their experiences and putting put recommendations. The company’s Reach Out and Gift holiday campaign was a major hit on YouTube.


The company’s News and Insights section is one of the best content hubs 2018. It features quality articles and infographics that provide interesting and valuable information to customers. The Fast Track online course is another major hit.


When it comes to using innovation and creativity to attract and retain employees, none can match Bloomberg. The core strategy used by the company is content marketing. They use powerful stories and tips through content and videos to drive home the point that they are the best employers.


The My Money hub of Fidelity covers a large area of money management processes by using syndicated content by top marketing influencers in this niche. The company smartly makes use of call to action through their bi-weekly newsletter.


The Prosper and Thrive content hub of this company has received a million plus visits and over 200,000 engagements. This is a great example of a strategy that can pay off amazingly well if executed well.


The company’s GamePlan A is a digital magazine designed exclusively to build the company’s culture and attract and retain employees. The focus was on making employees the best advocates for the brand and they have succeeded in a big way.


Equinox is a great example of how content marketing can be used for achieving spectacular exposure and success. Their YouTube videos are a rage among fitness enthusiasts.


The company’s Breaking2 campaign is a classic example of superb content marketing with a real challenging goal as its objective. The company pulled off the nearly impossible task of running a marathon in less than two hours and got millions of hits for their campaign.


Morsel from Plated is one of the best content hubs 2018 in the food category. It showcases a strong CM strategy and is an attempt to drive more subscribers to the site.

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