Is Data A Growing Challenge to Investment Management?
Internet, to date, is one of the most revolutionary and disruptive technologies in the history of mankind, creating paradigm shifts in many industries. So, when everything has changed or evolved, many still think that the basics of few things like financial operations have not changed and it still follows the ‘buy low and sell high’ principle. However, while this principle remains to be the central point, every other aspect of investing has changed.

Let us try to paint a picture of today’s investing market. The omnipresence of the internet has both benefited and created challenges for investors. The wide availability of information is one of the biggest benefits that the internet has had on investing. Before the internet, information about publicly traded companies was difficult to find outside of the annual reports or manually written financial reports.

Today, even obscure companies produce a constant stream of information. This information may include daily price fluctuations regarding either global and national stock or any other post related to the same.

But, this overflowing and sheer speed of data is also one of the most daunting challenges that modern investing markets struggle with. Hence, when volumes of information flood in, it can be difficult to pick out what is important and what is not?

Another challenge that is tied with the overflow of information is finding the right source of information. Having a large amount of choice and access to free resources is an advantage for any modern investor, but this sometimes makes research more daunting because of all the available options.

Until one learns to filter out information and create a select pool of reliable sources that match their investing tastes, it would be difficult to avoid being overwhelmed by the range and variety of opinions present on the internet.

But, will filtering out the information and finding a reliable source of information solve the conundrum of modern investing? This is when one needs to know how reactionary markets have become a challenge, despite having the right information from a reliable source.

Inaccurate information are honest mistakes and hence when the financial market is swayed by the constant flow of information, an interpretation in this flow or the information can result in the uncertainty of the market.
One of the reasons for this can be malicious rumors or financial fraud at corporate levels. By this, we can draw the conclusion that the financial market reactions will always remain extreme and this global reach of information has given investors more freedom to interpret, analysis and use the data as per their interests and needs.

The actual question that arises here is, how can one know the right investment or wealth management plan when we know about the limits of a human mind when faced with a plethora of choices and the existing conflicting reports?
The key here is to find the right balance between the information gathered and the action taken according to it (buying or selling shares, investing). The modern-day investors can survive this modern information barrage with the help of some traditional advice; cut one but, measure twice; it means take the time to evaluate the information before making any decisions.

From above, we can draw this conclusion that investing is risky task unless one knows how to beat the competition and stay ahead. It is also why everyone at some point will need expert and skilled investors who can help and guide them to make informed personal or business related financial decisions.

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