Educational leaders are dynamic & enterprising professionals who lead from the front & take the organization forward with their critical thinking, strategic planning, and ability to take bold decisions. In this article, we shall discuss the 10 best tasks that they perform as supervisors, team leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Monitoring performance:

It revolves around observing the performance of staff. Successful educational leaders methodically perceive performance against pre-identified standards because it boosts supervisor accessibility and effectiveness of appraisals and tracking of performances. To adopt innovative performance review strategies, successful school leaders opt for an educational leadership course.

Developing staff through training:

Upgrading skills of staff is done through training programs which are done in a step-by-step method. They're given guidelines for improvement & increasing productivity

Delegation of duties:

For boosting output & developing staff for betterment, educational leaders delegate duties among the employees. It means the division of tasks within an organization.

Assessing performance:

The main objective of performance appraisal is focused to provide feedback which in turn helps staff accomplish success. An annual performance review serves as a yardstick of progress and enables educational leaders to measure and analyze the performance of the employees in an effective way.

Resolving disputes:

Resolving colleague confrontation is a vital job of an educational leader. Resolving interpersonal conflict, and focusing on shared goals is the onus of instructional leaders. It also includes knowing when they must intervene and prevent general pitfalls. To upgrade their skills, a leader must go for an educational leadership course. It will also help them experience career growth and professional development.

Building team:

It is all about selecting the right candidates or personnel for a particular profile as per their competencies, academic qualifications, credibility, job role, and experience. Top educational leaders make sure only the best candidates are chosen through interviews. By doing so, they get them to believe in a shared goal and build a winning team that will surely yield success.


For disseminating information on the key strategies of the school and strengthening relationships with staff, educational leaders communicate effectively with their interpersonal skills. They also share their vision for the future & how to take the organization forward with their verbal communication skills.

Deploy disciplinary strategies

School leaders who're successful believe in a systemic approach & never refrain from implementing rules and regulations. They clearly mention what they expect from the employees & also explain the punishments & penalties for violating them.


Successful school leaders stay calm & composed in challenging situations & display a demeanor that is praiseworthy. The probe into grievances by hearing both parties and investigating incidents properly. Most of the time, they adopt impartial, neutral, and fact-based points of view to solve problems and stay out of court.

Making reports of poor performance:

Instructional leaders are at the helm of activities in an academic organization. They make the decisions on whom to recruit, keep, or terminate based on their performance. They're in a position to adopt vital methods to maintain records.

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Laxmon Gope is a senior strategic leader. Besides writing this informative article on an educational leadership course, he has also penned for other topics. Prior to this, he worked as an instructional leader in a leading school.