Starting a business is comparatively easier than growing and advertising it. Marketing your brand and then getting profits can be tiresome sometimes and you must be patient but all the time it’s not the case if you use some strategies like sweepstakes promotions and giveaways to boost your business.

These cost- effective sweepstakes can be very beneficial to get more audience,traffic to your website and create a good hype for your business.

Here are 10 tips to advertise your sweepstakes promotion for your business.

1-Texts to Win Sweepstakes

Using texts to win sweepstakes is the best way to promote your sweepstakes instantly. Spreading the word of your prize contest reaches faster to your audience through text to win sweepstakes management system. You can reach out instantly and effectively, resulting in promoting your word and brand awareness to a large population in less time.
Another, way is to encourage your audience to share your contest info with family, friends, their social media contacts. Using texts to win promotions is a rapid way to reach out your potential customer and thus generating some viable leads for your business.

2-Using the Blogs

Blogs are the ones that make it possible for you to advertise your sweepstakes to a larger audience. People take great interest in reading blogs and turn to blogs when they are interested in buying something. So, write some blogs and promote your contests. Many companies have already done this successfully in the past and you can be the next one in the line.

3- Utilizing Social Media

Who can deny the effectiveness of social media platforms to get through to a larger scale of audience instantly? There are plenty of platforms to start with Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube are the most visited social media networks that can be beneficial to post your sweepstakes and contest.

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4-Creating Videos

Videos are very effective now days to make your contests viral in the public. There are so many applications available which you can easily use to get the word out and faster to your targeted audience. Moreover, videos receive more attention and more shares and an efficient way to send your word around and spread awareness about your brand.


Newsletter works just right to market your sweepstakes. Sending the news of your recent prize give away right through the emails makes it confirmed that your message has been received by the recipient.

6-Reaching Out to the Bloggers

Blogs are widely read by the people online. It is wise to search out for the successful bloggers in your niche and reach out to them for the promotion of your sweepstakes. But first, you must be certain that those bloggers have enough likes and followers. You can offer those bloggers a reward of your product and they can promote your contests to their audience.
Many bloggers make videos on the YouTube and offer reviews about the products, so it is the best way to market your sweepstakes contests instantly and get through your potential customers. It works two ways; by promoting your sweepstakes contest and marketing your product at the same time.

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7-Pairing with Other Companies

Yes, its beneficial to get some partnership from the companies and businesses that work in the same niche as your company.
It does not mean to partner with your competitors and the ones that make the same products or services, but it means if you are selling make up products then partner with the hair product companies. You can split the expenses on advertising and the prizes and can get full advantages on both ends. It’s a win-win situation for both companies. Nothing to lose and a lot to get.

8- Contacting Celebrities for Promotion

Taking help from the celebrities makes it possible for your promotion to get to people’s heart in a quicker way. Contacting celebrities related to your niche to advertise your sweepstakes is effective as people look forward to the famous people and trust their word. That is why brands choose celebrities as their brand ambassadors.

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9-Taking Existing Customers in Loop

Oh Yeah, do not forget to send the word first to your existing customers. You already have their contact details, so they must be the first ones to get the news of the upcoming prize contest.
It will surely keep and increase their interest in your product or services and as they already have been dealt with you, so they are more likely to be your targeted audience. Moreover, they are the best promoters of your business as they have already been your customers. Do not leave them as they can be your effective advertisement and loyal clients.

10-Highlighting the Winner

Once you are done with the contest and have elected your winner, plan a social media event for it and highlight the winner. Just don’t let this event pass as it will help to promote your next promotions and sweepstakes as well. This might be a good idea to make a separate page for your winners on your website and create a link on your social media pages.
On that page you can include winners with their photos with gifts and their experience of getting a prize. This will surely help promoting a good will and interest for your business and people will look forward to next sweepstakes from your company.

Business promotion through sweepstakes and contest have countless benefits for business and every businessman should utilize it to its fullest to reap all the benefits from business growth to higher profits.

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