Stress is a normal thing nowadays and every person in his / her life faces a stressed situation. Stress has a great impact on human life both physically and mentally and that impact may be positive and negative. Stress usually has a negative impact on human life and in most cases it is a significant cause of depression, heart attack and suicide. However, if stress is managed properly then it may have positive impact on life of a person as it can increase the motivational level and also makes a person emotionally strong.

Followings are the best ways that may be helpful for a person to deal with the stressful situation:

1) Control Your Feelings:

Feelings come first in normal conditions and after that the thought process starts. For instant, when we have been hurt then we cry so that means our feelings control our thinking. Thinking is the way to find solutions that fulfill the needs that lie behind the feelings. "Our capacity to control the flow of emotions (feelings) and thoughts leads to our satisfaction” (Wright, 2017).”. So instead of controlling negative thinking or over thinking, one should try to control his feeling. Whenever you face such situation which makes you feel bad try to divert your attention to something else which brings some peace and happiness.

2) Self-Management:

Self-management is the ability to set priorities, decide what needs to be achieved and be responsible for performing the actions needed. Proper self-management cuts down the stress level. Try to find a balance between social activities, office work and family life.

3) Strong Connection With God:

Deep trust on our creator helps us in our darkest time and it also gives us a great strength to face our stressful circumstances. All we need is to have strong believe on His divine power.

4)Better Family Relationship:

It is in human nature that people want to share their problems or feelings with their families. Good communication and understanding with family helps to alleviate stress and has a positive effect on the health and life of the person.

5)Learn From The Tragedies:

There are many factors in our lives that can't be changed or controlled (constant factors) however we can learn from them and these factors add some good lesson in our lives. Whatever happens in our lives, be it good or bad, has some meaning behind it and with the passage of time we will understand that meaning.

6) Learn To Forgive:

No one is perfect in this world and people make mistakes. We have to accept that fact as a human being, and seek to let go of our frustration and stop any hatred. By forgiving and moving on, you will be able to free yourself from the negative energy. Forgive the others just as we wish our God forgive us. Forgiveness will bring some positive energy and reduces the stress.

7) Count Your Blessings:

When you are discouraged and in a stress, close your eyes and count all the blessings of God upon you and all the good things that happened in your life. This cycle puts a light of hope in you and help you in reducing your stress level.

8) Quality Food:

A healthy body can be able to handle the stress. Unlike the engine, human body also needs fuel to operate. Here, fuel is not only linked to food but also includes air and water. We will have to have basic knowledge of diet. Moreover, research indicates that soda or cold beverages increase stress levels, while water consumption tends to minimize stress levels.

9) Good Deeds:

Research suggest that the best way to relieve stress is to take part in some social welfare activities, like helping the needy or poor people around you and vice versa. This will bring feelings of inner satisfaction within you.

10) Exercise:

Physical exercise is also effective in reducing stress. Many studies show that exercising reduces the level of stress and makes you feel comfortable. This exercise can be as easy as walking, so if you feel bad or stressed, go for a walk and walk until you get tired, it will minimize the level of stress.


Stress has a tremendous impact on human life. By following some important point like Self-management, Strong connection with God and Family, Forgiveness, Healthy food, Exercise and Good deeds will be helpful for stress management.


Wright R. (2017), Why Buddhism Is True? New York: Simon and Schuster.

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I don't consider myself a very creative writer but still I love to write something informative and productive so that it can be helpful for everyone.