Mistakes happen in life. There is no person on this Earth who never made any mistake in their entire life. So, mistakes are common. Some are silly mistakes, and some are serious. Our mistakes in life teach us lessons and help us grow. However, we don’t need to keep on making mistakes to learn lessons. We can also learn from other’s mistakes.

So, here are ten common and big mistakes which we should avoid in life if we want to lead a happy life.

10 mistakes to avoid in life
1. No savings: This is a common mistake many people do. When they are earning money, they think money keeps coming forever and don’t save money. They spend lavishly, take loans bigger than their salaries and live beyond their means. Life will not always be the same. And one day, when they lose a job or have some difficult situation in life, they will find it tough to survive. So, never be without saving money. Always save at least 10% of your income. Your saved money gives you financial security. Having a decent amount of savings in your bank account will boost your confidence.

2. Leading a physically inactive life: In the current generation, many of us are leading a sedentary lifestyle. When we don’t do any physical activity, we become obese and also develop diseases. Not doing any kind of physical activity in a day also makes us feel low, lethargic, inactive, and makes it difficult to fall asleep in the night-time. So, make it a point to do some kind of physical activity in a day. Our body is designed for movement, and when we don’t move it enough in a day, we fall sick.

3. Saying Yes when you want to say No: This is another mistake people commonly do. When someone asks them for a favor, they say yes even though they want to say no. After saying yes, they don’t keep up their commitment. It is better to say no upfront than say yes and break someone’s trust. Learn to say no when you want to say no. Your no will hurt the other person only for some time, but your false promise hurts for a long time.

4. Giving up learning: Many people think learning is only during college time. But learning is forever. Life is vast, with many interesting subjects. Knowledge is limitless and infinite. When we continue our learning curve beyond our college days, we stay young and become mentally sharp and active. We find life interesting, and we also excel in our careers. So, never give up learning. Learn something which interests you. Be a learner forever.

5. Compromising on sleep: Sleep is one of the most essential and basic needs of life. It plays an important role in our physical, emotional, and mental health. People easily compromise on sleep quality and quantity without thinking about the consequences. For small reasons like second show movie or late-night party or social media and internet browsing, many people give up sleeping well. Don’t compromise on your sleep, no matter what. Sleeping well helps you live longer and happier. A good quality sleep protects your beauty and health. So, safeguard your sleep.

6. Taking family members for granted: If there is anyone in this world who will stay with us, whether we are successful or a failure, it is our family members. They put up with our flaws and do so much to make us happy. They go the extra mile for us. Many people take their family members for granted and realize their value only after they are gone. Don’t make this mistake. Realize the value of your family members right when they are with you and appreciate them for what they do for you every day. Make them feel valued. Express your gratitude to your family members.

7. Trying to change others: One of the most unproductive things many people do is trying to change the other person. They do this because they think when the other person changes, their life becomes better. But people will change their habits or life only when they want to change. We can never force anyone to change. Our nagging and constant attempts to change someone will only lead to frustration and loss of peace. So don’t try to change others if there is anyone whom you should change in this world, it’s yourself. Changing yourself into the kind of person you want to become is productive and yields success in life.

8. Not paying attention: When the other person is talking, many people check their phones and don’t give the complete attention. This makes the other person feel ignored. Always give complete attention when the other person is talking. If you are busy and cannot give the attention, tell the other person the same and suggest the right time to talk. Not paying attention is a form of disrespect.

9. Social media and internet addiction: This is a great mistake in life. When we are addicted to social media and the internet, we lose track of time. Precious time of our life is lost in these pursuits, and they don’t help us achieve our goals. So, be mindful of the amount of time you spend on social media and the internet.

10. Lack of forgiveness: Not forgiving others for their mistakes can be a costly mistake because when we don’t forgive the other person and hold grudges, our health is impacted badly, and we lose peace of mind. We stop enjoying life and get stuck in the past. Lack of forgiveness leads to many diseases in life. So, learn to forgive the other person no matter what they have done.

These are the ten common mistakes to avoid in life.

When you avoid making the above ten common mistakes, your health, relationships, and finances improve. You feel more energetic, happier, and better in life. You feel good about your life, and you start enjoying your life. So, make a note of these ten mistakes and rise above them.

Be happy!

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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