Are you working hard to get rid of your excessive weight and not getting the desired results even after spending hours on the treadmill? If yes, something is certainly not right. Remember, working-out hard might not provide the desired results; however, exercising smartly will. A proper proportion of cardio exercise, strength training, calories and sustained heart rate is necessary to achieve the desired weight loss. However, mistakes related to these are quite common and elimination of the same can return some amazing results. Here are 10 common mistakes that restricts people from losing weight even when exercising hard.

Mistake #1: No strategy planning
The way ahead and deciding on the path as well as direction is extremely important in any aspect of life and weight loss is no different. Working out hard without a proper plan would never make the goal accessible. It is always better to carve out a strategy that includes a proper mixture of muscle building, core strengthening exercises and cardio among others.

Mistake #2: Setting non specific goals
Setting up of non-specific goals is certainly not a good idea, as you would never feel in control. Setting proper goals with all related details help you measure the progress and take corrective actions as and when required. Instead of losing weight, your goal should include losing specific number of pounds in a fixed time frame.

Mistake #3: Ignoring the details
Identifying the strategy as well intangible goals are certainly steps in the right direction; however, most do not value the fact that implementing the strategy in the right manner is also important in order to get to the desired goals. Every minute detail that can affect the outcome must be carefully considered. Questions including where to work out, time to devoted, time of each session, amount of weights to be lifted, the food to be consumed and the number of repetitions among others must be answered.

Mistake #4: Too much reliance on cardio
Chances are that you might not be getting the desired results because of excessive cardio exercises in the plan. If that is the case, reducing the workout routine on cardio and spending the time in resistance exercises can provide the desired results. Remember, you would not only burn calories while building muscles but also when at rest due to the muscle mass.

Mistake #5: Improper rest
Resting is as important as intense exercise when it comes to resistance training. When you lift weight, muscles tear down and rebuild themselves after some time. They come out stronger then ever before. However, if you are not providing proper rest to a set of muscles, chances of building muscles and losing weight in turn are reduced considerably. Work out on arms and shoulders one day, legs the other and core on third.

Mistake #6: Overeating
Many assume that since they are working hard in getting shape, they are free to consume almost everything. The intense workout session would take care of everything. However, that is certainly no the case. If you are compensating the calorie loss with excessive consumption, you are not likely to reach anywhere.

Mistake #7: Not altering the routine
Human body has an amazing ability to adapt to the surroundings. This means, if you are following the same pattern for quite some time now, chances are that your body is well adapted to the exercise schedule and that would not provide benefit of any kind. It is very important that you keep the body confused and ever evolving for maximum muscle gain and weight loss. One way to achieve the same is to constantly increase the same is to constantly increase the number of repetitions, increasing the weights and selecting different muscle groups for exercising at different times.

Mistake #8: Avoiding workout
The situation is faced by most of us. A tiring day at work forces us to skip a workout schedule. However, that does more harm then good. In addition, working out even if you are tired would lead to the release of endorphins, which play a big part in relaxing the human body.

Mistake #9: Too much reliance on machines
Machines are good and aid in fat loss workouts; however, it is always better to alter the routine a bit and opt for other means of exercises for better results. Running in a garden nearby instead on a treadmill and opting for free weights against curling on a machine is always a good idea.

Mistake #10: Not paying attention to weeks areas
It is human tendency to keep on doing the things that we love doing. If you have a strong upper body, chances are that you are ignoring the legs completely. It is always better to push your body to the limits and work towards improving the weak areas.

Avoiding these common mistakes can certainly help achieve amazing results in less time.

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