Epoxy is a long-lasting coating that is applied tothe concrete. This paint is suitable for garage floor finishing. Another benefit of this paint is, it is resistant to oil and grease and keeps the garage floor clean and neat looking for years. However, before beginning it is essential to test if the garage floor will be able to withstand this paint or not. One can conduct the floor moisture test. If the report is positive, then it is best to avoid this paint.

The Epoxy flooring in Melbourne is carried out in 10 steps which are easy to follow and any person with a small amount of experience can do this.

  • Removingthe Oil Stains

Removing the oil stains is from the floor is the first step. To do this a cleaning brush or cotton rags can be used. A degreaser needs to be used with water for cleaning the floor effectively. This procedure must be carried out until and unless the floor becomes free of grease.

  • Electronic Floor Scrubber

The garage floor can be cleaned with an electronic floor scrubber as it requires less effort compared to manual scrubbing. However, some small areas require hand scrubbing such as the edges of the floor and corners where the machine cannot reach.

  • Vacuuming

After removing dirt and grease, a soap mixture has to be applied on the floor and then a vacuum has to be carried out to remove any remaining dirt or grease that is still left.

  • Cleaning with an acid water solution

The floor needs to be cleaned with muriatic acid mixed with water to make the concrete dry and free of all dirt. After that, the floor needs to be dried for the Epoxy paint.

  • Power Scrubbing

The scrubbing with an electronic floor scrubber has to be repeated for the Epoxy garage flooring. After continuing the process for 5 to 10 minutes the floor has to be cleaned with a large volume of water to flush any residue that is left and it needs to be dried overnight.

  • Mixing the Epoxy Paint

The two paints need to be combined in a power mix with perfect proportions. After the mixing, the batch has to be kept undisturbed for 24 hours before applying.

  • Applying the Paint

Using a high quality natural paintbrush, paint the edges of the garage floor. As a preventive measure, shut down the garage door to let the paint dry.

  • Using a Roller

Use a short epoxy roller with the bottom half covered in paint for finishing the garage floor.

  • Continuing with the Floor Paint

Coating the floor needs to be done by painting a ‘W’ as it saves time and helps in covering the area quickly. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the process will take an hour or so to complete. Also, wearing a respirator is essential as the solvent odours are extremely strong. After the painting is over opening the garage door for an hour is recommended.

  • Adding a non-skid Product

For the second coat of epoxy, steps 7 and 8 have to be followed. Additionally, adding a non-skid product will make the floor less slippery.

The steps of Epoxy flooring in Melbourne are easy. However, if the steps are not clear it is best to assign a professional cleaner for the job.

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