One of the toughest things in anyone’s life is breakup. It hurts when that special person is no more part of one’s life. Those conversations, text messages, and memories of the person keep haunting. Breakup is a great void and hurts badly, irrespective of the reasons why the breakup happened. This is the time where you must pick up yourself and find the courage to move on.

But moving on is easier said than done. So, how to move on? Here are some pointers that can help a person move on after a breakup

10 effective ways to move on:
1. Accept the situation: Accept that break up has happened and don’t try to make the relationship work. Don’t message or call that person out of loneliness. Don’t try to be friends with that person because friendship will neither let you move on nor help you stay in a relationship. Don’t follow the person on social media. Completely close the relationship and accept that the other person is no more part of your life. Yes, it’s tough, but it needs to be done because trying to hold on to a relationship that is closed drains your emotions and wastes your time.

2.Allow the pain and sorrow: Allow yourself to feel the pain and sorrow. Don’t deny these emotions. It’s natural to feel sad when a breakup happens. If crying makes you feel better, cry out. Take time to go through these emotions. Don’t suppress your emotions.

3. Understand why the breakup happened: Breakups happen due to various reasons. Every relationship is unique, and every breakup is unique. Take some time and reflect on why the breakup happened in your relationship. Is it because you entered into a relationship with a wrong person, or you badly hurt the other person through your actions and words, or could you not find time for the relationship? Be honest and understand what went wrong in your relationship.

4. Learn the lessons: There is nothing that is bad in life because life is like a mother, and it can only do good for you. Think about the lessons you can learn from the breakup and move on after a breakup . Should you improve your patience? Should you give more time to the other person? Should you learn to control your anger? Should you spend more time in understanding the person before committing to a relationship? Should you stop trying to change the other person? What’s the key take away for you? Every breakup has a lesson to learn. Use the opportunity to learn the lesson and move on after breakup.

5. Connect with your own self: Use this time to connect with your own self and understand your needs in life. What kind of person you want as a partner and why do you want such kind of partner? How do you want your relationship to be? What is it that you can give in a relationship? Why should anyone spend their life with you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? When you know yourself better, you will be able to make better choices in life. Don’t be in a hurry to enter into the next relationship out of loneliness because when you do that, you tend to make the same old mistakes and end up in a similar situation again. Take a break from relationships and give yourself time.

6. Build yourself: It’s not physical attraction alone that can make a relationship beautiful. A person’s attitude plays an important role in relationships. If beauty alone is enough for relationships to be happy, then no movie star or model should ever have a breakup or divorce, but we see many breakups and divorces happening to glamorous movie stars. So, take time and build yourself on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Work on your body and be fit and healthy. Work on your emotions and build your emotional strength. Build your mental strength. Connect with the divinity inside you. A person who is physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually strong attracts better relationships in life and can have fulfilling relationships. Below are some tools that can help you build yourself.


Playing outdoor games



Spending time in nature


Use your breakup to become a better version of yourself.

7.Fall in love with yourself: Before falling in love with someone, fall in love with yourself. Do things or activities that make you happy. Pursue your hobbies. You love cooking? Then experiment with various recipes and develop your expertise. You love trekking? Then go on beautiful treks. You love nature? Spend time in nature. Dance, sing, paint, write poetry, play guitar. Whatever you love to do, do it. When you pursue your hobbies, you feel joyful and find enough strength to move on. Love yourself wholeheartedly and nurture yourself. A person who can love oneself can love someone else too. Your happiness and joy make you an attractive person, and the right person will come in your life at the right time.

8. Create goals and work on them: What is that you want to achieve in life? What are your goals in your career? How do you want your body to look like? What are your financial goals? Take time and think about the goals in your life. Create these goals and think about what needs to be done to achieve your goals. Start doing all those things that help you achieve your goals.

9. Forgive the other person: Forgiveness is very important in life. When you don’t forgive the other person, you get stuck in negativity, and this negatively impacts your ability to achieve your goals. Understand what the other person has taught you and forgive this person.

10. Spend time with friends and family: Don’t be alone in grief and sorrow while going through break up. Talk to your best friend or your close family member and share your grief. Sorrow divides when shared. Hang out with your family members and friends, and have fun in life. Enjoy your life.

These are the 10 pointers that can help you move on after a breakup.

Breakups happen, and they are part of life. But don’t be stuck in a breakup. Your life is so precious that you cannot waste it for someone who chose to walk out of your life. Respect the other person’s choice and move on after breakup. You deserve happiness, and it is in your hands to create it. You can use some or all the above pointers and become a new person in life.

Wishing you strength and love!

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