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Email marketing is one of the fundamental marketing tools for business to connect with customers. The increasing cost of producing an email campaign can be compelling if you are not careful, and the campaign is not as always as remarkable as one would expect. However, there are various ways that you can limit the numbers of emails you send while matching it with your client's interests.

Isn't it that people love to receive marketing emails that have content that is relevant to their needs? Email marketing is still a solid option as it has an ROI of 4300%. However, just because an email marketing works for one client, does not mean it can also work for others. The proper way to lower the cost of acquiring a client and increase conversion depends on a number of factors, most importantly the demographic and the nature of your business.

Failure to acknowledge what works best would result in a wastage of your time, money and high customer acquisition cost. In order to reduce it, here are the 10 email marketing best practices to lower the cost of acquiring a client.

1. An average number of 9 days for follow up

One of the common mistakes you can make is to follow up with a lead too soon or for long. You don’t want to appear like you are giving up too early, but if they are not taking it, then you might as well narrow down a little and focus your marketing efforts elsewhere. So when is the best day for follow up? Nine days.

With that being said, very often these companies leave voicemails. They are a bit expensive to execute as you have to pay for a salesperson’s time, not just an email campaign.

2. One Email a day

Too many emails may either push your possible clients to either unsubscribe or mark you as spam. These can be disastrous as this would mean you will lose the chance to engage your prospect to your business. Avoid annoying your clients with loads of emails.

3. Understand buyer behavior

It would be a gem if we can truly understand and predict our client’s behavior, I think we will all retire early. To really understand how it would cost to get and keep a client, the following should be evaluated - lead generation, client and partner referrals, website and marketing.

4. Quality Content

Emailing is still the cheapest form of marketing. A huge part of the rise in costs can be attributed to internet users who no longer tolerate emails that they don't find interesting. To reach your target demographic with email marketing, create content that looks amazing and gives your potential client content they will adore and need.

5. Shareable Email

Email is notably shareable. One click of a button can forward an email to a colleague or on social media. People are now more comfortable doing this and they even share it on Facebook posts. Links can even land to pages which can be copied and pasted into social media content and share on other social channels. People are more open-minded to promotional content and they are always happy to share and archive useful emails for future references. Keeping your Email content relevant and valuable is the key.

6. High Return on Investment

There are plenty of good reasons why companies and businesses use email marketing, but figures always speak for themselves. ROI on investment from email marketing has deemed consistently high ever since it was launched in the early 1990s. One fact is that only 2% of the people who click through Emails actually convert to become paying customers.

7. Short and snappy Emails

Making your emails short and snappy can get you right to your point across. It is ideal to catch the reader's interest and push them towards becoming a paying client. The longer your Email, the more likely they are to just exist back to their inbox or push your Email to the spam or trash bin.

Although Email content may vary from company to company, the top 280 Saas companies were able to achieve this by keeping to an average of 130 words per sales email and 133 for marketing Email. So it is better to stick to around 130 words for the biggest impact to your clients in your Emails.

8. Marketing Automation Software

Automation software is popular and a fantastic way to save time and money. Services like Zapier and IFTT to hold basic tasks such as data entry and checklists, you free your team to focus on more direct human interaction. If you are not yet using marketing automation software as part of your Email marketing strategy, you should be. A huge amount of Emails that are now circulating were sent through automation software and services like the popular MailChimp.

9. Keep track of what generate conversions

Figure out what works. It is ridiculous to pay for Emails that do not generate interest or leads, so keep track of what gets you conversions. By doing this, it will help your business create functional Email based marketing that generates money and acquire paying clients. It is extremely effective to have tracking and analyzing method that you probably need for implementation.

10. Marketing Optimization

A professional agency can increase your advancement in online promotions, while you also do in-house outsourcing. Adopt ways on how to drill down your marketing strategy to what works, and apply the wasted capital into areas that work and have greater promise.

Hubspot's software gives a great way to create and publicize catchy content in-house. Usually, a professional agency partnership is the best approach to your marketing strategy and can get the most of your promotional budget.

Advantages of finding email marketing service providers


All of these Email marketing strategies are a great way for you to lower your cost of acquiring a client and can be a good starting point for your business to bloom. Remember that there is no technique carved in stone. The trick is taking these base and testing variations on your audience to get the best and effective results that you can.

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