A logo says a lot about a company and its products. It acts as a virtual handshake and proves instrumental in building a brand image. Great logos can go a long way and can become a brand’s identity for years to come. But these logos are not easy to create. The right questions, when asked at the right time, can guide you to design a perfect logo. If you are a freelancer, you must ask your client these questions before you begin. And if you are an entrepreneur looking to get their hands dirty, ask yourself these questions so that you don’t find yourself lost in the enigma that is logo design.

1.What is the core purpose of your company?

Each company is founded on certain core principles and with a specific purpose. While creating your logo, would you want this purpose to be reflected? The answer to this question can build a foundation for this journey further.

2.Who is your target audience?

Your target audience must be kept in mind while designing a logo. Will they find it appealing? And more importantly, can they recognise and recall it? When your target audience is children like Toys r Us, you incorporate many bright colours and fun fonts. Similarly, a luxury brand would like to reflect the same in their logo like Cadillac.

3.Which brands or logos have inspired you in the past?

Some brand logos stay with us forever. They resonate with you and zeroing in on that can be the key to creating a great logo. If you are hiring a logo designer, let them know your logo preferences, even if they are from a different industry. And if you are heading to design your own, they can strike ideas for certain features of your logo design.

4.Which kind of logo do you want?

There are five categories logos can be categorized into, each one distinct and serving a particular purpose. Choosing the correct kind of logo puts you on the path of a successful result.


A pictorial logo is an image when associated with the brand and can be distinguished at any point in time. A few brands opt for pictures or symbols that are literal to their names such as Apple and Puma. Some of the other legendary pictorial logos are Twitter, Target and Windows.

2. Wordmarks

The wordmark is one of the most straightforward and yet compelling logos. Brands such as Ikea, Coca Cola and Dyson have iconic letterform logos. The key is to keep them elegant and straightforward for them to stand the test of time.

3. Letterform

The letterform logo is a typographic logo which consists of initials or abbreviations for a company. The most iconic letterform logos are LG, IBM and IFB.

4. Emblem

An emblem can be considered as an amalgamation of pictorial and Wordmark logo forms. The best examples for such logos are Starbucks, Harley Davidson and BMW.

5. Abstract

Abstract logo, as the name suggests, are not apparent symbols but an abstract representation of a brand. These are tricky to pull off, and one of the few brands that have successfully used an abstract logo is Nike.

5. Which fonts would be best for your logo design?

Fonts are a crucial element of a logo design as they too inspire emotions much like colours. There are four leading families of fonts: Sans Serif, Serif, Decorative and Script. Each family has numerous fonts which can be used to portray the business’s identity.

6.What words in your company name have to be emphasized?

If you have a long company name, emphasizing on certain words and adding the rest to create a harmonious visual is the way to go. Similarly, you can emphasize on the company name and add a motto or tagline to the logo.

7.What are your competitors doing?

In every business, it is smart to keep an eye on the competitors. What your competition is doing and how is that working out can give you a lot of insights. It can tell you what you can bank upon and what to avoid.

8. What colours suit your requirements best?

Each colour sends a different message, and some colours even have particular cultural significance. Therefore you must pay attention to your brand message and the colour palette that most suits your branding goals.

9.Is the logo scalable?

A logo design is used on various platforms like websites, t-shirts, mobile apps, magazines and even billboards. Therefore your plan should be such that it remains meaningful and appealing in all media and sizes.

10.Should you consider using a logo maker?

While you should consider the best professional logo designer for your logo, the restrictive budget of an entrepreneur may not allow that. And with some of the best online tools available today, you don’t have to settle for a mediocre and generic logo. Consider using an AI-based logo tool such as Designhill where the machine does the job for you without burning a hole in your pocket. What’s more, you don’t need to have a designing experience to create a phenomenal logo.

While the answers to these questions can guide you through creating a splendid logo, it does not guarantee success. You must carry out proper research about your industry, audience and your competition. And if you are hiring a designer, you should share your views and expectations beforehand. The key is to take a step back and give it serious thought. But remember, perfecting a logo is an ongoing process, it will grow with your organisation. So keep your eye on the prize and start small.

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I'm a blogger and designer and I work as a creative head for Designhill. I write on topics concerning design, ecommerce, startups, digital marketing, interactive content. My creative work has earned me several laurels over the years.