When it comes to preparing food, there are ingredients you might want to swap with something healthier. Well, at first, it may feel odd and foreign to substitute proven and tested kitchen staples. However, if you get used to it, you’ll eventually notice the positive effects. As a matter of fact, you might even fall in love with the taste!

To begin with, here are 10 everyday foods and their corresponding healthy counterparts.

1. All-Purpose Flour > Whole-Wheat Flour

Instead of using all-purpose flour, try incorporating whole-wheat flour into your favorite pastries. Because they are made from whole grains, they contain more fiber than the other flour types. Plus, they’ll keep you full the whole day. But before making a swap, make sure to double the recipe since you might need to make adjustments.

2. Sour Cream > Greek Yogurt

Although Greek yogurt is delicious as is, it also makes an excellent heart-healthy substitute for sour cream. But first, check whether the yogurt you have on-hand is plain Greek. The fruit-filled yogurt varieties contain so much sugars that the body does not need.

3. Whole Eggs > Egg Whites

When baking bread and other pastries, take note that egg whites can substitute a whole egg. Generally, the ratio would be two egg whites for one whole egg. That way, you can cut the cholesterol without affecting the flavor.

4. Watery Greens > Leafy Greens

In place of watery greens, why not use leafy greens instead? Watercress, spinach, kale, and arugula are healthier than romaine and iceberg lettuce because they lack in essential nutrients. Then again, to be able to reap the health perks of these watery greens, you might need to slowly stuff them into your daily diet. Sooner or later, you will get comfortable with them and enjoy long-term benefits.

5. Beef > Ground Turkey

It’s time to take a break from beef and welcome ground turkey into your homes. By reducing your intake of red meat, you are keeping yourself away from heart diseases. If you are uncertain about how to use it, try mixing it in your favorite recipes.

6. Cheese > Avocado

Cheese plays a vital role in our daily breakfast routine. But for a healthier lifestyle, you might want to replace it with avocado. Compared to cheese, avocado is rich in fiber and has lots of antioxidants. Therefore, it’s a really great substitute.

7. Chocolate > Cacao Nibs

If you can’t say no to chocolates, we suggest you swap them with cacao nibs instead. While they possess the same chocolatey taste, they’re healthier because they don’t have sugar. Aside from that, they are rich in antioxidants, keeping blood pressure levels low.

8. White Rice > Brown Rice

White rice is a staple among Asians, but did you know that the brown rice is a much healthier variety? Not only does it contain fiber, it is also flavorful.

9. Candies > Frozen Grapes

Whenever you find yourself craving for sweets, grab some fruits that contain natural sugars. In an instant, you will satisfy your sweet tooth. We suggest you get some grapes or watermelon and freeze them. They’ll last longer and won’t cause any sticky mess.

10. Soda > Water

Truth be told, replacing sodas with water is easier than you think. You need not to exert so much on this. Also, the advantages are pretty obvious. Other than consuming less sugar, you are keeping your teeth safe from cavities.

Even if replacing these everyday foods won’t result in drastic weight loss, over time, they can contribute to improving your health. So, don’t be afraid to welcome change and just enjoy these foods!

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