If you want to see the best of Africa, nothing would be exciting than Accra. The capital city of Ghana, this amazing city has a culture and history as ancient and enthralling as any European capital. Accra is the commercial hub of Ghana as well as the most populas city with a population approaching three million. Its pure white sandy beaches loved by surfers, bustling street markets an ideal place to shop for handicrafts and the National Museum of Ghana where you can explore the true culture of Ghana. Here are 10 enthralling facts about Accra that you wish you would know before.
1.An Unchanged Capital: Accra is few of those capitals that are unchanged even after a century. Back in 19th century Ghana was colonized by Britains. The contact between Ghana and the Europe has been documented to exist even before the 16th century. Britains announced Accra in 1877. And now even more than a century it remains unchanged capital of Ghana. Accra serves as Government home and plays host to hundreds of embassies and high commissions in the country.
2.More Youth than Elders: Yes, Accra is full of energetic youth, harboring a population of 56 % under 24 years of age. Furthermore, this young people predominance is not expected to decline in the foreseeable future, according to the statistical results. 51 % of population is females and 49 % of male giving a males-to-females ratio of 1:1.04. The more number of females is a reflection of the nationwide trend, where the estimated ratio of males to females is 1:1.03.
3.Sun is Angry on Accra: Sahara is probably one of the hottest deserts in the world and consequently the countries around the desert tend to be generally hot. One of such country is Ghana and Accra being capital of it, shares the same traits. Although Accra is not so close to the Sahara still it is one of the hottest places on the continents, primarily because of the humidity. And where there is heavy humidity, high temperatures or hot weathers are bound to be inevitable. Always angry sun makes the weather super-hot, add that to the humid air of the city sometimes the weather is not bearable for tourists. If you’re planning to visit to Accra and want to know the best time, plan your trip between March and November. In these months temperature of Accra is quite reasonable.
4.Multilingual Population: A very unusual trait that is not common in most of the cities nowadays with the increasing globalization. Accra has multilingual population, more than 250 languages and dialects are spoken. Among these wide numbers of languages English holds the position of official language which was inherited from the colonial era. Ga and Akan are popular languages in Accra. By the time children in Accra strike the age of five they’re can fluently speak up to three languages. The amazement is not over yet! By the time their kids reach to the high school most of them have added another one or two business languages. Large number of Accra’s adult population can speak, read and write in at least four languages.
5.Most Populated Metropolitan Areas in the Continent: Accra is among the most populated metropolitan areas in the continent. Its total population is little more than two million. The capital city is unlike most other African cities where the daytime population is dramatically different from the population in the evenings. A strange but true, in many African countries population during day time is greater than the night.
6.Wealthiest and Happiest Neighborhood of Accra: North, West, East and Central are official four geographical regions of Accra. North downtown of Accra, the neighborhood of Airport Residential Area named because of its location near to the Kotoka International Airport. The East and West Legion are the wealthiest neighborhood in Accra colonized by wealthy Ghanaians, government officials, academics and emigrants. Osu, arguably the most liveliest an happiest area located about 3 km east of the central business district of Accra. The Osu has most preferred hang-out spots for tourists, mainly because of its busy commercial restaurants and nightlife activities.
7.Labadi Beach: Labadi is one of the most famous destinations in Accra. It is located near the Teshie in Greater Accra region, also known as “La Pleasure Beach”. Labadi Beach is the busiest beach in Ghana coast and most beautiful in Accra. As the beach maintained by local hotels so the tourist have to pay entrance fee if they’re not staying at one of those hotels. For the people looking to catch fun in Accra, this is your perfect place. There are plenty of fun-live entertainments at the beach especially during the vacations and holidays.
8.Closest to the Equator: Being a Coastal city, Accra is vulnerable to the effects of climate change and sea level rise. In Ghana, it is the sole city that makes the country closest to the Center of Earth- Equator. As we mention above that Accra is one of the hottest places in the continent Africa. The sun rays are almost overhead in the countries near the equator, keeping the temperature very high and make the daylight hour uniform. In addition to that humidity is usually high in Accra varying from 65 % in the mid-afternoon to 95 % at night.
9.The Reward of our Work is not what we Get, But What We Become: A famous novel written by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author widely known for his best-selling “The Alchemist” in all history. The Manuscript has been translated into at least 67 languages since 2009. Sets the Guinness World Record for the most translated book by a living author. The Manuscript found in Accra has sold its rights to more than 40 languages including Bulgarian, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Complex), Catalan, English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Estonian etc. due to the tremendous impact of this Manuscript people shared its quotes on social media sites, photographs, attracting comments, reviews from readers and personal experiences all over the world.
10. Accra is surely a Fun Place: Large number of tourist and foreigners visit Accra every year and that’s mainly the city offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Accra’s hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, bars, tourist sites and many other things makes life more comfortable is indexed to the utmost standards. Accra is undoubtedly a busy city as well as easygoing with clusters of taxis and buses for moving from one location to the other.

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