Most women love flowers and all the symbols that surround them. And, in addition to its beauty, flowers hide a multitude of meanings in their shapes and colors. Therefore, when a woman receives flowers at home in Newport Coast CA, she knows exactly what the other person wants to say even if she has not written a single word in the note. The flowers speak for themselves. Here you can get home delivery from florist Newport Coast CA.

1. Sunflowers
The sunflowers, by their sizes and their bright colors, are obviously capable of attracting the attention of any woman. Perfect to express admiration and to tell someone you think is precious.

2. Daisies
Daisies are the ideal gift when we want to conquer a woman, as they express romanticism. If you give a single margarita, you will be saying that you love it and that it seems very beautiful. Who has not ever undid a daisy asking if that person loves us or not?

3. Camellias
Camellias have always been related to feelings of love. Its meaning varies depending on the color, For example, in red they symbolize selfless love, passion and desire, while in red they represent trust and seduction and pure and innocent love in white.

4. Carnations
Carnations are one of the most beautiful flowers that exist, but you have to keep some things in mind before sending carnations to someone, as they have a very unromantic meaning. If you want to give your partner carnations, they should always be pink or red. These colors if they are related to passion, love and desire.

5. Begonias
The begonias have a very delicate aspect and they are also beautiful. When we give away begonias in pink or white we are transmitting to a woman that we are happy with the relationship, but if we choose them in orange or red we are expressing that the friendship is strong and that it will last a long time.

6. Gerberas
Gerberas have gone from being an almost unknown flower to being an increasingly popular option. They can be found in very varied colors with which you can create impressive bouquets: white, red, yellow, orange, purple, pink ... They are perfect to tell a woman that you love her, because they symbolize purity, joy and innocence.

7. Orchids
We can find a variety of types of orchids, but all of them are precious, so they are always a very popular option to send flowers at home. They mean seduction and sensuality. Therefore, they are more suitable to give to our partner or to declare a woman, since we will be telling her how much we want her.

8. Tulips
Tulips have a unique shape and it is precisely this that gives them such a special appearance. They symbolize sincere love and are widely used when a man wants to declare himself to a woman. Therefore, if you want to tell your beloved how much you love her, nothing better than a beautiful bouquet of tulips in different colors.

9. Gardenias
If you are looking for a flower that fills the whole room with its fragrance, nothing better than gardenias. Its delicate aroma is incomparable to that of any other flower and also represent purity and sweetness. For this reason, they are ideal to give to a friend who is not going through her best moment. In this way, in addition to showing our support, we will make you feel better thanks to its fragrance.

10. Lilies
The lilies are part, along with the roses, of the aristocracy of flowers. Used more than 3,000 years ago to decorate the Asian gardens and very common in bridal bouquets, since in white they symbolize purity and innocence. But in pink they also symbolize love and passion. In addition, they have a very peculiar fragrance and very exotic forms, so they always attract the attention of any woman.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.