The country with most skyscrapers, historical wonders and spellbinding landmarks; UAE serves you with most luxury. The country that is known for its elegance and lavishness; UAE endeavors infinite possibilities to create your own world. United Arab of Emirates is a non-steady tourist destination where the modernism gets amalgamated with historical spectacles. Here are the top 10 reasons why UAE must be your next tourist hangout.
1.Home to Burj Khalifa: the first comes first; UAE is home to the world’s ever tallest and largest building Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is a fanciful marvel of engineering, architecture, innovation and opulence. The building stands 828 meters tall, meaning that three Eiffel Towers can be stood adjacent to each other to make one Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa has 160 stories and the interesting fact is, the upper stories are so high that there is a difference of 1 minute for fast opening than the lower stories. The view that the balcony of Burj Khalifa’s apartments proffers is no less than a view to heaven.
2.Shopping Hub: the best part of UAE for shopaholics is that the country is a shopping pivot. There are plenty of shopping places and malls that are loved by everyone. All fun activities are aside but when it comes to shopping; UAE is one above all. The shopping malls of UAE are not like others but have everything you dream of even the ski parks and indoor aquariums.
3.UAE has Palm Jumeirah: if you are a frequent traveler then you may have seen many islands and beaches but have you ever come across an artificial island? If not, then Palm Jumeirah must be a ‘must’ in your bucket list. The architecture aptitude of UAE is matchless and nobody will challenge this fact. Palm Jumeirah is the best example of fascinating Arab architecture that is so wide and broad that it is like a whole small city with hotels, motels, restaurants, beaches and a lot more. While we are not it, don’t forget to visit the World’s Island which is a man-made island.
4.A place that welcomes all: UAE is a Muslim territory with majority of the visitors being Muslim. However, there are thousands of non- Muslim tourists as well that fly frequently to UAE. Unlike many of the other countries, UAE bestows utmost safety and shelter to all of its visitors. A common stereotype about Muslim countries is that they are very strict with and about their women where they are not provided with any facility or safety whatsoever. Although it is true for some places, the fact is just a taboo for most of the countries; UAE being one of them. The country is loved by all especially women because it is a country where women can travel even alone. Dubai has residencies that are safest for solo travelers and it is the reason that Dubai has outperformed cities like Paris, Vienna and Tokyo in the category of being the safest.
5.Dubai Airport, connecting the world: Dubai Airport receives more flights than any other airport in the world and that is the reason it has surpassed London Heathrow Airport in the race. The airport serves as a bridge for many for the countries to travel from one place to another. The airport is labeled as the busiest airport in the world which means it hosts thousands of tourists every day. Dubai airport is a lavish airport with a Zen Garden, swimming pool and 5 star hotels and all this comes without leaving the airport surroundings.
6.Adventures that must be experienced: UAE is considered as home to the most adventures. Not only its parks, shopping malls and restaurants are keeping the tourists busy but the adventures take the voyage to the next level. For instance, Warner Bros World of Abu Dhabi is the world’s largest theme park, Fujairah is a diving spot where you can dive and surf and Sharjah Fort that depicts the glory of the past.
7.Eat royal: the most used word while describing UAE is ‘most’ because the country has everything classy, stylish and above all. UAE has probably the most royal eating places than anywhere else in the world. Every cuisine can be found in UAE and every taste can be enjoyed here.
8.Mosques are masterpiece of architecture: UAE has mosques that define beauty at its peak, one being of them is Sheikh Zaid Mosque. Sheikh Zaid mosque can be compared with the Sultan Ahmed Mosque of Turkey because of its unique architecture and endless splendor. The sheer size of building is awe-inspiring, and the white marble shines brighter than silver in the bright sunshine. While visiting UAE, Sheikh Zaid Mosque is worth- visiting.
9.Liwa Desert: UAE is probably the only country in the world that is known for its deserts and beaches simultaneously. Liwa desert is an unforgettable experience that is must recommended. Perfect to visit for the sole souls, Liwa Desert is a safari exploration that is a unique adventure to try.
10.UAE, ‘the Multi- cultural’: there are more than 200 nationalities holders living in UAE and almost 60% of the residents are from outside of the country. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are the most prominent cities, receiving the most tourists for the country. The country gives the perfect example of humbleness where people pertaining to numerous cultures live happily, without any conflict.

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