Gone are the days that you donned your leopardskin all-in-one, waxed up your curly moustache and proceeded to lift a black iron dumbell for half an hour. A gym visit now is an often glamorous, often scientific event.

Whether or not you see keeping fit as an opportunity to impress the opposite sex, having good equipment is a no-brainer.

Often overlooked is the importance of having an awesome gym bag. Even more overlooked are the gym bag essentials that go in it.

1. A Water Bottle. You need to be hydrated to work out properly. Get portable water. Going to a water fountain is a major inconvenience and not always hygienic.
2. Towels. Nobody likes that person who doesn't wipe down a machine after them. Apart from that, you'll need something to dry you when you have that muscle relaxing shower.
3. Heart Rate Monitor. To make sure you're in the fat burning zone, or the cardio zone or just the twilight zone.
4. Running Shoes. A change of shoes is good for the nose.
5. Laundry Bag. Keeps your gym bag smelling good.
6. Flip Flops. Prevent the spread of athlete's foot.
7. Fuel. Something to give you more energy. A banana is my advice.
8. Deodorant. You never know who you'll bump into while being sweaty.
9. MP3 Player. If you're like me, running 10 miles on a treadmill is more boring than watching paint dry, so entertain yourself with some good music.
10. A Workout Journal. Essential for those who are serious about losing weight and/or getting fit.

There may be other items in your top 10 gym bag essentials. Maybe you like to read magazines whilst on an exercise bike. Maybe you shave in the locker room. Whatever you do, run a quick check before you leave the house.

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