It can be very tempting to use steroids especially if you want the type of body that most body builders will kill for, but after you discover the horrible Side Effects of Steroids, you will think twice about using them.

Steroids are simply synthetic substances that are related to sex hormones of males (typically testosterone) which are known to enhance muscle growth and the development of the male sexual characteristics. When steroids are used inappropriately, they may cause very serious, long term and most times, irreversible consequences on the user's health condition.

Here are the 10 Horrible Side Effects of Steroids:

1. Steroids inhibit the production of natural hormones. This is perhaps the most common side effect of using steroids. Using steroids can actually stops the body from producing its very own natural hormones.

2. It lowers the body's HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol, which is generally referred to as the body's "good or healthy cholesterol", and raises LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol. HDL protects the body's arteries by simply taking unused cholesterol down to the liver where the cholesterol will be broken down, while LDL does the exact opposite.

3. Steroid use is known to cause damage to the liver. The effect of steroids on the liver has been researched extensively and a variety of clinical trials have been documented that shows that the use of steroids may cause a decrease in hepatic excretory functions. Furthermore, the clinical trials have also observed the following: jaundice, itch, intra hepatic cholestasis and hepatic peliosis.

4. Steroids may cause several cardiovascular problems which may be caused by their effect on the blood lipids.

5. The development of "man breasts" is one of the side effects of steroids that many male body builders will not find very funny.

6. Steroid use also affects the kidneys as well. Since the kidneys play a major role in the body's excretion and filtration systems, they will need to work a whole lot harder when they come in contact with foreign substances in the body such as too much synthetic steroids.

7. To much steroid use is known to cause "masculinization" in females. Side effects of steroids use for females is the development of male characters, which may include excessive growth of facial and body hair, deeper voice, growth of external genitals and so on.

8. Steroids may affect the body's immune system as well. A couple of reports show that certain analogues and testosterone may be turn out to be immunosuppressive or immunostimulating. However, there are no actual experimental records to validate this.

9. The use of steroids is most times followed by increased aggressiveness, mania, psychosis and violence. It may also cause an insatiable sexual desire. Though, increased aggressiveness may be quite helpful for those who are athletics trainees, but may lead to violence right outside the track field or the gym.

10. Sterility is one of the most truly devastating side effects of steroids. It could destroy the chance of both male and female users to procreate.

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