Top 10 Important Questions You Should Ask Senior Home Care Providers in Charleston, SC

If you're thinking about in-home care for a beloved in Charleston, SC, then it's critical that you ask questions that clear up the most important areas of senior home care or respite care. You'll promptly recognize how reputable the company is by way of asking the following questions:

How Much Control Do I Have over Caregiver Selection?

You ought to have total control over your caregiver selection. The selection should be yours and yours only. The senior home care provider should provide you a list of caregivers with relevant skills, that you can then meet and interview before settling.

Just How Available Will My Caregiver Be?

The greatest senior home care providers in Charleston, SC will give your very own professional caregiver. They'll also ensure that care will be available 24/7 if needed. If you require live-in care, then it's crucial you learn how possible that is from the first conversation.

What Areas of In-Home Care Do You Help with Each Day?

Take a checklist of all the necessary areas you require in-home care for and ask if they can fulfill them. They should have the ability to deliver senior home care with:

  • Getting dressed
  • Hygiene tasks
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal preparation
  • Diet planning
  • Housekeeping
  • Walking assistance
  • Help with groceries
  • Companionship
  • Respite care
  • And anything else you need.

Does this Senior Home Care Provider Make Their Own Care Plans?

Ask the in-home care owner if their care systems are unique and suited to their clients. You shouldn't agree to anything short of personalized care plans that include input from you and your family. If they have cookie cutter care plans, then leave.

Do You Conduct Background Checks, Involving Criminal Records?

If they can't say yes to this question, then you're looking at a dead giveaway. Their in-home care employees should all be background checked by local Charleston, SC agencies and the FBI. This should include criminal records and credentials.

Is There Pliable Contract Freedom?

Way too many families get stuck with substandard senior home care providers, due to irritating contracts. Ask if you'll have the freedom to leave a contract at any time, to ensure you have security over your future and finances.

Do You Supply Balanced In-Home Care?

Despite your loved one's health condition, ask the senior home care provider if they will concentrate on all areas of senior health and wellness. This should include the mind, body and spirit. Studies show balanced senior home care in healthiest route to worry-free senior life.

What Specialist Care Can You Supply?

Can they assist with dementia or sensory impairments? Can they provide you with one-on-one care from a specially certified caregiver? And what exactly is their approach and success rate?

What Levels of Respite Care Can You Offer?

If your family needs a rest or some additional support with caregiving, then ask what time scales they offer. You shouldn't settle for anything lower than a senior home care provider that can be flexible with your plans. If you need one day a week, or even three months of respite care then they should have the ability to help.

How Long Have You Remained In the In-Home Care Business?

Try and get a recap of their experience as a senior home care provider. There are an abundance of inexperienced start-ups in Charleston, SC who will be learning on the job. You need a trusted in-home care service that has been providing around 10-15 years of in-home care.

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