1.‘Amatyakaraka’ planet i.e planet holding the second-highest degree gives the most crucial clue to figure out the nature of the profession.

2.If karkamsha Lagna is Sagittarius, that indicates danger from falling from a height once in lifetime.

3. Always check degrees of planets while analysing conjuction. Planets in ending degrees of one sign and initial degrees of other sign gives result just like conjuction and have strong influence over each other. And similarly if two planets are very much apart in degrees, even if falling in same sign, the results of conjuction become negligible.

4. No planet can surpass Rahu in giving materialistic success in kali yuga. The most happening successes of individuals in this age come either in Rahu's mahadasha or a planet placed in Rahu's nakshatra. It is very interesting to see that Indian cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, all of them were/are under Rahu's mahadasha in their entire cricketing career.

5. On 15th september 2014, almost all the planets were either exalted or in their own sign i.e jupiter in cancer, saturn in libra, moon in taurus, mercury in virgo, sun in leo, mars in scorpio, rahu in virgo. (Except venus, in leo). This planetary configuration makes me wonder that a great soul must have been born on earth on this day. But still we have to wait for the future.

6. Trine Rule. The sign falling in 1st, 5th and 9th from ascendant are most friendly signs. And you will see, that people with ascendants falling in 1st,5th and 9th from your ascemdant are your inherent best mates. You will naturally feel friendly and comfortable with people having ascendants trine from your ascendant.

7. Bhrigu bindu or destiny point is the middle point of your rahu and moon degrees(from rahu to moon, anticlockwise). The sign and house that corresponds to your destiny point gives an indication of destiny of an individual in this life. And any planet transiting the degrees of bhrigu Bindu/destiny point triggers a most important event in the lifetime of the native.

8. Jupiter-venus conjunction. I have seen that people having Jupiter venus conjunction working at a very high position with government in their respective fields.

9. Any relation between 5th and 10th lordsin horoscope, increases the chances of getting a government job.

10. Dashas of trine lords will always be good irrespective of the fact whether they are involved in any raja yoga or not.

Every planet gives one ‘rekha’ or ashtakvarga point in 11th from its position. So if many planets are conjunct in one house, then 11th from it will have very high ashtakvarga bindus/points,and so the house that is 11th from the house with many planets conjunct will definitely prospers.

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