To rock your office look, you need to pick the right kind of diamond jewellery that perfectly blends with your formal attire. Obviously you cannot wear long danglers and heavy neck pieces to the office. C'mon you’re going to work and not attending a party function there! Duh! Plus you don’t want to annoy your peers at the office with those heavy noisy metals!

Every working woman wants to look glamorous and chic! When it comes to office wear, there is no exception to it. But if you opt for flashy necklaces and long diamond earrings at the office, it may look so annoying. Many women find it difficult to choose the perfect office wear jewellery. They tend to completely avoid layering jewellery to the office. Obviously, maintaining the office decorum is important but that doesn't mean you need to lose your style.

When we asked women in a survey, nearly half of the working women find it difficult to pick the right daily wear jewellery pieces at work. Additionally, these women also don’t have time in the morning while running other errands to style and accessories every morning. You know how challenging it can be to pick the right accessory with the right formal attire.

On the other hand, it is vital to look your best and presentable in the office to leave a lasting impression, maybe you have to deal with the clients directly or go for a meeting. It is important to look your best and have a good jewellery collection to rock your office look.

For the perfect look at the office, you need sophisticated, daily wear jewellery pieces to keep up with your wardrobe and caring for your diamonds is equally important. Hence, you need to choose jewellery that looks minimalistic and simple and avoid blings at the workplace.

So, basically this article is for you- women! If you’re still confused on which jewellery pieces you must invest on to look your best at the office everyday, this article will help you choose it. Take a look at our recommended office wear jewellery collection.

1.Stylish Rings:One of the first pieces to talk about when it comes to office wear accessories is stylish rings. If you’re engaged or probably married, you would already be flaunting your diamond jewellery and engagement ring with your formal attires. But if you’re not then you may choose stylish ring designs set with brilliant cut diamonds. These pieces are timeless icons that are sure to add an elegant touch to elaborate ensembles.

When it comes to rings, do not opt for flashy, blingy or the ones with large designs that look gaudy. This will take away your office look. Instead, opt for pieces that are simple yet stylish and get heads turning.

2.Necklace:All your delicate and intricately designed fashion jewellery including neck pieces will steal the show at the office. If you’re engaged or getting married, you may choose a single line mangalsutra studded with a diamond or solitaire at the center if you have a big budget. Or just go for a single line mangalsutra with you and your husband’s sun sign. For those who are unmarried, you may choose a gold chain with a diamond at the center or how about a pearl pendant. Many millennials are choosing their initials set in gold. These minimalist neck pieces bring contemporary elegance alive. Moreover, a delicate necklace will enhance your neckline.

3.Handcuffs / bangle Bracelet:Handcuffs or single line bracelets are here to stay forever. This minimalistic modern diamond jewellery hinged cuff promises elegance. It is important to pick the right bracelet when looking to pair it up with your office wear. You have to do so much work including typing on the computer hence it is important to pick something which is sleek and light on your hands.

You can go for a sleek, classy and trendy bracelet and pair it along with a watch in your hand. A stunning bracelet will give you a sleek, sophisticated and a captivating look which is equally important at the workplace.

4.Stud earrings:Most women don’t prefer to move out of the house without wearing a pair of earrings. If done right, these pairs of studs or earrings can enhance the overall look and help you stand out. To rock the office look, you can invest in a pair of modern jewellery design studs and hoop earrings as they are very light and comfortable and can help you get through your day conveniently.

Stud earrings are still a preferred choice among many working women because they add glamour to each ensemble. You can complete the look by styling it with a black tote bag. Stud and hoop earrings go well with both ethnic wear and western dresses.

5.Pearls:They say that “diamonds are forever” and we say that diamonds and pearls are both forever. Gone are the days when pearls were only restricted to grandmother's wardrobe. Now pearls are a great choice among the younger generation as well. Thanks to all jewellery designers coming up with intricately modern designs of diamond jewellery and pearl designs making them convenient for all the generations.

Pearls give a delicate and an elegant look to your overall office wear. You can layer pearl pieces with your ethnic wear and other western dresses and pass it through your generations to come. The best part about pearls is that you will never get bored of them.

6.Stackable minimal rings:Stackable minimal rings are delicate and classy. You can mix and match these stackable diamond jewellery rings and pair it differently. These are very sleek rings. You’ll be able to stack these fashionable rings in whichever finger you like. You can also pair it along with your other stylish rings.

7.Pendant necklace: To enhance your neckline without bringing too much attention, you can consider wearing a pearl or a diamond neck chain. A pendant that is smaller in size works well at the workplace. Stick to basic shapes such as round or pear shaped pendants surrounded with crystal or diamonds.

8.Zodiac Sign Ring:A Leo, Libra, or Scorpio? Get it on your fingers & remind yourself of who you’re often. Treat yourself with some love & you’re all set for simple yet classy office wear jewellery! Treat yourself to a simple diamond ring for a perfect look!

9.Modern bracelets:If you are a sucker for modern pieces that have a delicate touch then choose modern bracelets designs as your best friend. You can pair it up with work wear or even at simple occasions!

10.Delicate danglers:Delicate dangle earrings are perfect for work wear. You can choose pieces that are dainty and delicate and can be worn to work or even at simple occasions. You can choose from pearl encrusted earrings to simple diamond earrings.

Whether it’s intricately designed bling and glamorous jewellery designs or intricately sophisticated and minimalist jewellery pieces- Amolya jewellers have a rich legacy of handcrafting exquisite pieces that are tailored to your tastes and preferences.

Now sort your jewellery pieces for office wear in a jiffy with our solid tips and rock that look. Remember every woman is beautiful in her own way. You can always experiment and play around with your fashion jewelry pieces. Most importantly what counts is our inner beauty which remains eternal with us.

Author's Bio: 

Neha Malhotra is a well-known diamond jewellery designer with the abilities to keep a track and predict the market trends with the utmost accuracy.