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I began my online networking exploration on Ryze, a new social web site which was, along with LinkedIn, one of the first social networking and business networking sites.

It wasn’t until 2006, after I’d already joined a number of additional social networking websites, that I learned that these sites were the precursors of a much larger social media phenomenon. I also learned about the importance of blogs.

Third BlogiversaryI launched this blog, Online Social Networking, in November 2007, and yes, I am celebrating my third blogiversary.

In Social Media One Bite at a Time and 7 Tips for Winning the Social Media Marathon, I discuss the social media mindset and some of the social media strategies I’ve found very helpful.

Building My Social Media and Web Presence


Here is a list of my 10 top strategies for building my social media and web presence:

1. Partnership – Building relationships though blogging, online social networking and social bookmarking sites.

2. Content – Writing and publishing well thought-out and occasionally useful articles on my two blogs.

3. Search Engine Optimization – Ongoing keyword research and SEO. 50% of all my web site traffic comes directly from search engines.

4. Diversification – Creating a presence on diverse social media sites and cultivating diverse web site traffic sources.

5. Innovation – Experimenting with many ideas, some worked out and others flopped while avoiding urges to follow the crowd.

6. Boldness – Haven’t been afraid to test the limits of social websites and social media strategies. Twitter removed @larrybrauner from their search results, Sphinn terminated my account, and Facebook sends me sweet little love messages when I become more ambitious than they like. All I can say is, “C’est la vie.” Meekness isn’t a good quality in a marketer.

7. Planning – Always researching and frequently reevaluating and refining my web marketing and branding plan. Flexibility must accompany social media and web marketing planning.

8. Attitude – Persevering, staying upbeat and focusing, even when I didn’t feel like it, such as when my Dad passed away last year, or when my search engine traffic dipped during this past summer.

9. Tools – Taking advantage of a variety of social media, SEO and web analytics tools.

10. Widgets – Integrating social media with my blogs through using website widgets.

Thank you for partnering with me and helping me all these years with my social media and web marketing efforts.

Share Your Social Media Strategies

. What are your most successful strategies for building your social media and web presence?

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Hi there! My name is Michael Ladd,

I’m 45 years old and I live in Richmond Indiana.

I graduated from college with a degree in marketing and had a scholarship in wrestling.

All my life I worked in sales and marketing in helping people be successful. I was a sales manager in a executive recruiting firm for 10 yrs then a sales manager for $100 million dollar commercial printing company and then a marketing manager for Xerox Corporation.

During these years I was top in sales and few time manager of year.

My whole life I liked helping people and companies to be successful and I always felt if they were successful then we become successful.

I was always well liked and always had a positive attitude and great sense of humor. I am a people person and was born like that. So I am going to start a business in helping people and small business to be successful. I love helping people and it's in my blood and heart and been doing that all my life. I get along with people easily and love to put a smile on people or make a company successful.

So I am going to start a business called SuccesswithMichael.

I feel with my good listening skills, common sense and years of experience and compassion that I can make companies and people successful.

Using the Internet is a whole new growth area and it will help grow your business to new heights. In my journing social media and Internet marketing will or is taking over and Facebook, Twitter and You tube will be the norm for business.

Now if we give value and trust and build relationship more people will want to do business with you. So if you ever need advice, help or need just to talk call me anytime and I be glad to help you. With god and good heart and being best I can be I know I can do anything.

Join my Facebook Fan page MichaeLaddFanPage and we can be friends and hopefully successful. Sincerely Yours, Michael Ladd 765-914-2372 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 765-914-2372