Are you planning to install a security camera on your premises? Confused about the process? Don’t worry! This article will help you with the installation process by explaining your ways to avoid common installation mistakes. 

As technology is evolving, the security camera evolution demands a more prominent, smart installation to deter even trivial crime threats in your building. Hopefully, this suggestive guidance will help you to reduce camera installation error.

  • Relying on DIY Camera Installation

DIY camera installation can be affordable for you, but it doesn't give the same assurance as a well-installed security camera. In your location, especially CCTV installation in Melbourne needs to be done by professional to reduce the chances sudden breakdown in the time of storm or rain.

  • Investment on cheap quality camera installation

The quality of the CCTV camera determines the clear visibility and detection of overall features even from a distance. You should always consider the quality matter, as you will get warranty benefits besides if anything goes wrong.

  • IR LED lights are blocked

IR lights or infrared lights embedded in a security camera is capable of detecting the 'object' and features in the most efferent way. Professionals in the time of security camera installation in Melbourne check if the IR lights are activated in the camera. IR lights are responsible for seeing an object in the dark after the sun goes down.

  • Not weatherproofing your cables

The purpose of weatherproofing your security camera cables and wiring is to prevent them from the effects of moisture-laden air, dust, dirt. It is the best solution to prevent cameras from insects like spiders and wasp from making their nets. 

Tip: Do not keep the proofing process for later; get it done in the time of installation. 

  • Making a limitation with small recording tape

If you want to see everything happening on your premises, ask for multiple recording channels to ensure top-rated surveillance.

  • Wrong position of the camera

Sometimes, wrong positioning of the camera ends up giving you unnecessary view; rather than providing you with a view of the hotspot zones of vandal activity. Ask your provider to install the camera in a way, that you get optimal front and back door view of your premises. 

  • Not choosing a high-security password

Do you know your CCTV surveillance can be hacked if you won't choose a high-security password? 

Once the CCTV service company install the camera, your responsibility is to change the default the password as soon as possible. Set a high-security password to minimise the hacking threats.

  • Expecting the camera will detect the face or features of criminals from any distance

Do not install the cameras in an extended distance from the front and back door. Consult with the service provider and ask them for a convenient set up from where a person or car's number plate can be detected in the security camera.

  • Failing to determine whether to install wireless or wired cameras

A layman can't detect if they want a wireless or wired camera security. Better you leave the decision to the experts. Security Service Company knows when you should install wired or even wireless, analogue or IP cameras to serve your purpose in the best way.

  • Thinking that hiding the cameras will be beneficial to deter criminal activities

Earlier, homeowners, business owners used to hide the CCTV cameras from vandals. Now, your service provider will ask you to show you cameras in a way that they feel threatened once they come to know about the CCTV surveillance.

Wrapping up:

Sometimes, even after installing a high-quality security camera, you won't get the desired result. This is because you are not choosing the correct way to do it. You are not aware of its working procedure. However, it's quite natural that you won't be accustomed to the correct installation process like some who is professional. So, hopefully, now you know what you have to do to get the optimal benefits from security camera installation?

Yes, that’s right! Hire top-quality, reputable, professional security camera installation service near you.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an entrepreneur who runs a security camera business for commercial and home buildings. The author suggests you hire authentic, pro service for security camera installation in Melbourne to deter criminal threats proactively.